What are the Most Addictive Smartphone Apps? 

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The majority of the apps on last year’s list of the 10 most addictive mobile devices were gaming apps. On the other hand, throughout the course of the past year, there has been significant growth in the number of individuals who have downloaded and used social media as well as networking apps.

Apps for social networking platforms are now commonplace in people’s day-to-day lives, whereas they were previously unheard of. Users of the app may view and learn what other people are really doing during their day, see what famous personalities are eating, and send quick messages to people who reside on the other side of the globe with just the touch of a button.

We have compiled a list of the most addicting applications based on the number of downloads and the amount of time spent using them.

Slot Apps

Slot machines are perhaps the most popular game in just about any casino, regardless of whether the venue is a physical establishment or a mobile app. When mobile casinos with slot games were first brought into the industry, they were just an instant hit with the patrons that frequented those establishments. 

Why? Because playing them and understanding how they work doesn’t require much effort or brainpower. Slot machines do not require any prior knowledge to play, in contrast to table games such as blackjack and baccarat, which require a significant amount of practice before you can start playing.


WhatsApp is currently ranked first on the list of the top 10 most addicting mobile applications. WhatsApp is a messaging program that has been downloaded by nearly 96 million persons in the past year alone. Users are able to text, phone, video message, and share audio messages in real-time with one another using WhatsApp.

It has been stated that 65 billion WhatsApp messages are transmitted every single day, two billion minutes are spent creating voice conversations, and around 55 million people use the program to make video calls. It is believed that the typical user of WhatsApp opens the application anywhere from 15 to 25 times each day, regardless of the device on which the software is run.


Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has grown to become the most popular social networking application in use today. Facebook, in contrast to its rivals such as Myspace, has maintained its popularity since the day it was launched.

In its early days, Facebook could only be accessed through the internet. However, in 2008, just one year after the first iPhone was sold, Facebook released its program for mobile devices. 

Since then, more than 4.6 billion times have been downloaded onto users’ devices. The average amount of time that users spend on Facebook every day is approximately 43 minutes. Users utilize the network to stay connected with friends, learn about new goods, and watch videos.


One billion Instagram users log in each month to share pieces of their experiences with other Instagram users through the use of photographs, videos, stories, and reels. These forms of content can be uploaded to Instagram

It is believed that 63% of App users log in at least once per day, with the average amount of time spent using the app being roughly 28 minutes. 42% of Instagram users check the app multiple times per day to see whether there are any new updates.


Snapchat, which was initially introduced in 2011 as a smartphone app that was exclusively accessible on mobile devices, has given people all over the world yet another opportunity to exchange photographs, videos, and conversations in real-time.

People over the age of 16 are spending an increasing number of hours sharing and viewing information on the app, which is now one of the most extensively used apps despite the fact that it has not even reached its tenth birthday. 

As of the year 2020, the application has a total of around 249 million active users that log onto the platform daily for a duration of thirty minutes, on average.


TikTok is a relatively recent phenomenon that has captivated the imagination of customers between the ages of 16 and 24, and in the month of March 2020 alone, the app was downloaded more than 115 million times. In more recent times, figures have shown that the program, which can be downloaded via both android and iOS, has amassed more than 2 billion downloads.

TikTok is not accessed as frequently as other apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook; yet, the typical user spends 45 minutes per day viewing the app’s abundance of popular videos. Many users even attempt to reproduce the films so they can share them with their friends.


People of all ages are flocking to YouTube as a source of entertainment because of the proliferation of video content, which has been increasingly popular in recent years. When everything is taken into consideration, it should not come as a shock to learn that one of the apps with the highest addictive potential is YouTube.

The mobile app for YouTube has revolutionized the way consumers watch and engage with video content across all genres, from music videos to vlogs. There have been reports of an increase in the number of mobile video views over the course of the past year, including over 70% of Views on youtube gained via the smartphone app.

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