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Online movies have now become the norm since the world is now mainly digital. In these times, no one prefers to go out. They prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their homes online since dvd players have phased out. The advantage of online streaming websites is that if it is free then people can save that extra money. When people pay to view movies online it can be an expensive affair. This is where Uwatchfree comes in as it is completely free. Here, users can watch movies and TV shows for free. 

Is Uwatchfree legal?

UWatchfree lies in a shady gray area since it is illegal as the government has restricted it, but it is still promoted enormously. The movie industry is a big one and there is no way to track where the movies go once it is released. Majority of the latest movies in the popular languages get uploaded to Uwatchfree immediately upon release. UWatchfree also boasts of Indian movies in regional languages such as marathi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. If people are worried about the government snooping on them, or if the website is blocked by the ISP then users can also make use of a VPN to access this website.

Fundamentals of UWatchfree

UWatchfree has soared to popularity since the movies they host range between 360P to 720P Full HD streaming quality. It has a modest collection of films in the best prints properly. If users are looking for specific, older shows to watch then it is very likely that UWatchfree will be hosting that too. 

Users looking to discover new movies and TV shows can do so freely on this movie hosting website. It has a simple user interface which makes it easy to navigate and download movies and TV shows in the best quality. The best part about UWatchfree is that they regularly keep changing their web address so that the authorities fail in blocking it. 

UWatchfree Working Proxy List

No.Proxy Status
1UWatchfree Proxy 1✔️
2UWatchfree Proxy 2✔️
3UWatchfree Proxy 3✔️
4UWatchfree Proxy 4✔️
5UWatchfree Proxy 5✔️
6UWatchfree Proxy 6
7UWatchfree Proxy 7✔️
8UWatchfree Proxy 8✔️
9UWatchfree Proxy 9
10UWatchfree Proxy 10✔️

VPN for UWatchfree

While we have already mentioned about UWatchfree being in a shady grey area since it is stuck between being legal and illegal, the government considers it unlawful. For users who have concerns about this, there is nothing to worry about since they can still access their favorite movie website that is UWatchfree with the help of a VPN. 

So, if users want to access the Uwatchfree movie streaming website with the help of a VPN, then they need to download and set up the VPN before they can access the website. VPN is beneficial as it does not reveal the user’s true IP address to the authorities. If you are wondering how the VPN works then let me tell you that it masks the original IP address and shows a different IP address located elsewhere in the world out of the authority’s reach. 

This way, users can have their peace of mind when watching their favorite movie and TV show.

How to setup VPN to access UWatchfree site?

Follow these steps to sort out the VPN issue:

  1. The first step to accessing UWatchfree via VPN is to download VPN on your smartphone. 
  2. There are plenty of countries around the world where UWatchfree is not banned. SO what you can do is access VPN, and choose try one of the countries where it is banned. You can do this by selecting that country’s IP address to access UWatchfree.
  3. Now that your original IP address has changed to the fake IP address presented to you by the VPN, you can access the Uwatchfree movie streaming website and access your favorite movies and TV shows hassle free with peace of mind. 

UWatchfree Mobile App: You heard that right!

This website is a stunning website where you can watch all your favorite content for free online just by streaming it. In the past, there were issues where users could not access the website since it is blocked by the authorities and unsure about accessing VPN too. 

Now, users can access UWatchfree by downloading the UWatch app on their mobile phone! Do note that this app is unofficial and unavailable on the Google Play Store. To download this, you will have to look for the UWatchfree apk in the google search bar after which you will see a variety of links. The apk can be downloaded from any website and then stream whatever the want to on their mobile devices as well. 

Top UWatchfree Alternatives

In the scenario that the user cannot access UWatchfree, or does not want to risk the VPN service or even download the app on their phone, there is still a way to download and stream all their favorite tv shows and movies. 

We are first presenting a list of free alternatives to UWatchfree. They are:

  1. TamilBlasters
  2. TamilMV
  3. TamilRockers
  4. Torrentz2
  5. Watchseries
  6. PirateBay
  7. RARBG
  8. VMovee

If you are a user who does not mind spending a bit of money every month, then we have a list of paid alternatives to UWatchfree as well:

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Disney Hotstar
  3. Hulu
  4. Voot
  5. Netflix
  6. Sony Live
  7. Youtube Premium

The main drawback to the UWatchfree website is: Advertisements and pop-ups. How to solve it? Let us take a look.

Since this is a gigantic and free streaming website with tons of movies and TV shows hosted, they need to make money via advertisements and popups. The good news is that this can be circumvented with the help of Adblock extensions available for all major browsers. 

Final Words

In this article, we have learnt about what an amazing and brilliant site the UWatchfree movie streaming website is. The best part about this website is that it is free and allows users to broadcast movies and TV shows in high quality. It is hard for authorities to block it since they keep changing the website address. 

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