Transform Amateur Videos Into Professional-Looking Ones

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Most people can spot an amateur video instantly. Then again, do you know how to make your free videos look professional? Just because we can spot amateur-style, it doesn’t mean that we necessarily know how to transform our videos into professional-looking ones. A good place to start though is to visit this page so you can see how an online video editor can help you. Furthermore, there are some tips and tricks you can apply as detailed below.

Transforming your Content with an Online Video Editor 

When you make a free video online, you’ll need to first plan your content to make sure that it has the impact you want with your viewers. You might therefore want to review the templates in your video maker and consider creating your own content to download into your preferred template. Then, it’s a question of using your video editing options and applying the techniques described below to create the perfect blend of visuals and audio:

  • Use daylight and a tripod 
  • Leverage video editing tools 
  • Smooth out your jump cuts
  • Get an external microphone 
  • Add music 
  • Implement the Rule of Thirds 
  • Include effects 

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Use daylight and a tripod 

As you might expect, professionals can do clever things with lighting when they make a video. Of course, you can also use your editing tools to improve your images. Regardless, it’s always good to film your video clips in daylight. That way you remove most lighting and contrast issues by default. 

Another useful trick that people sometimes forget is to use a tripod. Yes, it might feel a bit strange when you create videos in public and first set up your tripod. Nevertheless, it’s a safer way to avoid any shaking. Again, you can always edit your videos but it’s always easier starting with something that already has good quality. 

Leverage video editing tools 

How you use a video editor can make the difference between a professional and an amateur video. For instance, many beginners don’t really use transitions or make them look static. However, some basic editing can allow you to crop the frames and include fade ins or outs. Essentially, you want a smooth effect. Although, you can sometimes support this effect if you add the right music to cross over from one frame to the other. 

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Smooth out your Jump Cuts

Beginner videos can look very jumpy but you can make your cuts appear more professional with your online video editor. Just like a fade-in or out, you can help your transition from one cut to the other with music. Another trick is to crop your frames so that they blend slightly so removing some of the harshnesses. You might also want to optimize your colors and contrasts with your video editor so that the backgrounds look realistic. 

Get an External Microphone 

Of course, most smartphones have perfectly adequate audio recording capabilities. Nevertheless, there are some subtle differences in the quality of sound you can expect from an external microphone. It’s just that much crisper and sharper. You’ll also get less echo or other background noise. Again, it’s always easier to edit videos, including sound, when you start with something good. 

Add Music 

Music doesn’t just enhance your transitions. It can also create the right mood and generate emotions for your viewers. Most video maker and editor tools have a large library of music and audio files for you to download into your videos. You, therefore, don’t have to worry too much about finding the perfect tracks in your own collection. 

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Include Effects 

It’s easy to get carried away with all the effects you can find on a video editor. Then again, there’s a reason all the special features exist in the software. Choosing the right ones can really enhance your video clips and make them stand out. Of course, you should first know your audience and their preferences as this will help you design the perfect set of features. 

Once you’ve then designed your free videos, it’s a good idea to test them out with friends and colleagues. Make sure you choose people who will give you honest and constructive feedback so that you can fine-tune your perfect online video. 

Implement the Rule of Thirds 

Last but by far not least, the Rule of Thirds. This is a very practical tool to apply that ensures you get the right composition within your frames. The idea is to imagine a 9 box grid over your images and checking that your subject matter is either along the grid lines or at the intersections. Some cameras even have a 9 box grid as a feature that you can add to your screen to make things easier when you film your video clips. 

Summary Words on Using your Online Video Editor for Professional Video Content 

Everyone wants to be a professional with a few clicks and some awesome features. Nevertheless, it takes a bit of planning. Make sure you prepare your equipment including a microphone, tripod, and your imaginary 9 box grid. Then, use daylight, smooth out your transitions, and leverage whatever music works for your story. With all this, you’ll find that everything comes together naturally in your online video editor for perfectly professional-looking online videos.

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