Top 11 Hamachi Alternatives For Virtual Lan Gaming In 2023

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Here in this article, we will explain to you about the Hamachi and some best Hamachi alternatives for virtual LAN gaming. Stick to this article to know about some of the best Hamachi alternatives.


As we all know, nowadays, games are widespread and are even fun to play with our friends, families, and maybe anyone. Pc games lie in the heart of everyone, and it doesn’t matter whether a person is a senior citizen or a teenager.

Virtual lan connector helps to create a similar environment on lan gaming, with the use of virtual private servers. Hamachi helps us to create virtual remote server to easily emulate the experience of the lan multiplayer gaming experience virtually.

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So now we are listing out some best Hamachi alternative:

11 Best Hamachi alternatives

1. Zerotier

It is considered one of the best Hamachi alternatives for the virtual LAN gaming. Zerotier is a smart ethernet switch for our planet, which is earth. It provides advanced network virtualization across local and wide area networks and connects almost all app or software types or devices.

Adam Lerymenko founded it in the year 2011. It’s headquarters lies in Irvine, California and the united states. It is a private company. The pricing of the zero tier starts with $4 monthly. You can go for this if you are looking for software like Hamachi. It is overall one of the best alternatives to Hamachi.

Download: Zerotier

2. Play together

It is a great Hamachi like software for virtual lan gaming. Play together allows users to start a game from their screen. It is an easy way to join individual and team games that support the feature. It is a unique platform that does not require users to forward ports as you do on Hamachi.

It allows you to host your server remotely without any extra charges. In this software, you can host upto 25 servers in a single region without any payments.

Download: Play Together 

3. Gameranger

It is another one of the best Hamachi alternative for virtual lan gaming. Gameranger is a web gaming provider for macintosh and home windows computing platforms that are evolved via gameranger technologies.

It allows players to play online and provide the opportunity for chats and voice chats. Scott Cavill developed it in the year 1999. It also allows players to play those games which are not possible to play nowadays. One more critical point for this Hamachi similar software is that, it is the easiest way to play with friends and allows free download on mac and pc. Overall it one of the best alternatives to hamachi.

Download: Gameranger 

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4. Wippien

It is also one of the Hamachi software for virtual lan gaming. Wippien is relatively easy for file sharing and chatting with your friends. It helps users to establish direct peer to peer contact with each other. It helps in instant messaging client with protocols such as ICQ, MSN, AIM and many more. It is free to use, and we can obtain its source code and use a great software like hamachi. If you are looking for a free Hamachi alternative, then this Hamachi alternative is best for you.

Download: Wippien

5. Netovernet

It is easily one of the greatest Hamachi alternatives for virtual lan programming. Netovernet helps to create a virtual private network where all addresses are universally accessible and permanent. It allows you to create your id and password. Its remote access will enable you to work with your applications. It also helps to configure within less than a minute.

Netovernet connection to a remote desktop which can be easily performed very quickly using protocols like RDC, VNC, and many more. If you are one of those who is looking for Hamachi alternative that easily enables you to create your own VPN, you can quickly go for this Hamachi software.

Download: Netovernet

6. Radmin VPN

It is another Hamachi software for virtual lan gaming. Radmin VPN is easy to use software product for creating a virtual private network. This Hamachi software allows users to securely connect computers that are located behind firewalls. It provides users with a secure VPN tunnel. The connection speed of this software is upto 100mbps.

This software is quite reliable as it does not break down after months of continuous use. The last important thing is that is it very easy to use and does not limit the number of games. You can go for this if you are looking for good alternatives to Hamachi.

Download: Radmin VPN

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7. Softether

It is also considered as one of the best Hamachi software for virtual lan gaming. The term softether means “software ethernet”. It is the world’s most powerful and easy to use multi-protocol VPN software. It runs basically on windows, Linux, mac and much more.

This software is easy to establish in both remote access and site to site VPN. Softether is a highly restricted firewall. It is having many security features like logging and firewall VPN tunnel. The connection speed is 1gbps for this software.

Download: Softether

8. Freelan

It is also a critical Hamachi software for virtual lan programming. Freelan is one of those software which allows a virtual private network to secure connections of site-to-site in bridged configurations as well as it gives remote access facilities.

This software is free as well as open-source licensed under GNU general public license version. Julien Kauffmann develops it in the year 2013. You can go for this if you are looking for Hamachi similar software.

Download: Freelan

9. P2pvpn

It is another best Hamachi software for virtual lan programming. P2p is a peer-to-peer network or a computer network without any fixed work stations or work servers. It allows downloading films, series and music. It is usable for end-users without a central server. It is open-source computer-based software and is entirely secure. This software is written in java.

If you are looking for software written in java, then this Hamachi like software suits you.

Download: P2pvpn

10. Port forwarding

It is also one of the best Hamachi software for virtual lan programming. Port forwarding is a technique that allows access to external devices to computer services on private networks. It will enable us to run a public HTTP server within a private lan. It permits secure shell access to a host on a private lan from the internet. It is overall a great software like Hamachi.

Download: Port forwarding

11. Parsec

Parsec is one another Hamachi alternative which you can use that has redefined the gaming. It does look like Parsec is about Arcade gaming, but let me tell you it is much more. Parsec does allows you to easily create LAN servers for virtual gaming using the feature it has for local co-op. It is overall a good hamachi similar software.

Download: Parsec


So here, we described various types of Hamachi software for virtual lan gaming. If you are keen and interested in playing games, then this article consisting of software like Hamachi is for you. Hope you liked this article, and it will help you a lot if you are a fan of gaming.

Do you have any other alternatives to hamachi? Mention it in the comments.

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