Reverse Image Search Tools to Find Original Sources

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Image plagiarism is getting more common every turning day, and the reason behind it is a lack of awareness about the consequences of this plagiarism. We would like you to know that image plagiarism has the same ugly effects as textual duplication. 

So we would recommend you refrain from copying and using the images that are protected by copyrights. If you badly want to use an image in your content, you have to make sure that you take permission from the image owners and give credits to them while using the image. 

The great news is that you can get information about the origin and the ownership of the image to easily get permission/authorization from the creator to use the image. The technique used in finding the source of the image is known as reverse image search. 

Search by image search feature also lies under reverse image search. Below we have listed some of the utilities that can help you Find Similar Images for free!

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Reverse Image Search Tools to get origin of image!

Out of hundreds of search by image tools, we are going to shortlist the most reliable and professional options below:

1. Duplichecker

This website is very famous for finding plagiarism in the text but what you don’t know is that you can also utilize the search by image tool of Duplichecker to find duplicate images. This reverse image search tool can easily help you find the image source in less than ten seconds. This is an online-based tool, so you can use it on any device you want. You have to add the image you want to use in the tool’s upload box and hit the option that says “search similar images.” The tool would search by your image against its database and get you similar results on various websites. You can easily find the origin of the image from there and dig in more to get the creator’s contact!

2. Google Image Search

Google image search engine is one of the senior members of this league. The Google was the very first one who came up with the concept of reverse image searching. There isn’t any information that you cannot find on Google, so finding the source of an image is no biggie. The only thing that you have to consider is that Google would save your image content in its database for seven days when you enter it in the search bar. If you are not worried about the privacy of the images you are searching for, you can go for Google. Otherwise, the third-party reverse search tools are far better when it comes to the input content’s security!


SmallSEOTools is the home to hundreds of professional, free tools. Out of hundreds of free tools, the reverse image search utility is one of them. If you want to search by an image to find its source, you won’t find a simpler platform. You can use this RIS utility  for free and without any limitations. The reverse search tool by SST has integrations with multiple search engines, and so you can get detailed and accurate results with this tool. The working process is similar to that of the above-listed tool, and so even a layperson can understand how it works. You should try it out!

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4. Yahoo Image Search 

The yahoo image search, as the name tells us, belongs to Yahoo. This image search engine works in the same way as Google does and so if you are fond of Google, you would love this one too. The main difference that we have seen in both of these search engines is that Yahoo gets you more filtered results than Google, and finding your desired results can be a lot easier with this platform. The working of this search engine cum tool is quite simple, and you have to enter the image of which you want to find the source and click on the “search” button. 

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5. Getty Images

Getty Images is a very popular platform for searching images and relevant details about them. This reverse image search platform works as a photo stock website. You can not only reverse search the source of an image with Getty images, but you can also go through the stocks and get royalty-free images for your website or blog. You can get tons of image input relevant results with Getty, and you can use the set filters of the site to shortlist the ones you want to dig in. This is a very easy-to-use reverse image lookup site, and even a child can utilize it like a pro.

The above-discussed tools are the common choices of users when finding the source of the image or to get the details of the creator/designer!

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