Properly Citing a YouTube Video in a Research Paper

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Citing a YouTube video in a research paper or other project can help your readers learn new facts. These days, YouTube has thousands of videos on virtually any topic, yet it’s possible to question their integrity. 

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Let’s get back to the discussion. You can use any of the many styles to cite a YouTube video. In our article, you will discover the proper technique to cite a YouTube video for each class. Let’s start!!

Properly citing a YouTube video in a research paper

Primary Citation formats

The three most used citation formats are APA, MLA, and Chicago. Depending on the type of academic assignment or research paper you are writing, citation style may be used. Learn more about the various kinds and, in general, which style is appropriate for each academic area before deciding which one to use and how to utilize it. The principal citation formats are;

  • APA citation style – Widely employed in educational, psychological, and scientific writing
  • Chicago Turabian citation style – Utilized primarily in business, the fine arts, and history
  • MLA citation style – Arts such as literature, art, language, history, etc., use it.

Use the format below to write an APA citation for a YouTube video

Name of the Account OR Last Name, First initial of uploader [YouTube Account Name]. (Year, Month, Day it was posted). Title of the video [Video]. YouTube. URL

Name, username, or screen name of the video author or compiler

When writing a citation in this format, the creator or compiler of the video’s title should come first. You should use the form last-name and first-name-initial if the name is available. 

Publish the date of the video

You must provide the date after the name. Please include it in parenthesis and mention it using the format year-month-date, followed by a period. So, for instance.

The video’s name

The video’s title is presented next. The title should be capitalized with the first letter of the first word. If a subtitle is provided, it should be written similarly and placed after the colon if the video’s title is “How Search Works,” for instance.

The source type

The word “Video file” must then be enclosed in square brackets and followed by a period to indicate that the source is a video file.

Video URL

After the phrases “Retrieved by” or “Retrieved from,” you must include the URL of the video. 

Use the format below to write  in Chicago

Last name, First name of the individual or the company who posted the content. “Title of Video.” YouTube video, length. Date published. URL.

Name of the YouTube video

Instead of citing the person or business who submitted the video, you must first state the video’s title in this reference method. The initial letter of each word should be capitalized, and the full title should be placed within quotation marks before a comma.

Video from YouTube as a source

The phrase “YouTube video” must be used after the video’s title because it is from YouTube, and a comma must follow it.

Video length or duration

Mention the minutes and seconds of the video. Use a colon to separate them, such as 3:15 to refer to 3 minutes and 15 seconds. 

Posted by

Mention the identity of the poster of the video. The username can also be mentioned. Mention YouTube if the video is from the official channel. Keep the capitalization consistent with what is displayed on the channel, and be careful to place it in quotation marks. Then add a comma after that.

Date when the video was posted

Indicate the day it was posted. The format should be month-day-year with a comma added after the year.

YouTube URL

Include a period after mentioning the video’s URL without using the phrase “URL.”

YouTube video using MLA 9 style

Last name, First name (of the individual who posted the content) OR the name of the company, OR the username. “Title of the Video.”Name of the Web page, Publisher’s name who posted the video (only include if it differs from the author or title), Dates it was uploaded, and URL.

Name or username or the screen name

The name will appear first in this format as it does in APA. However, it will be formatted as last name, first name. Use the screen name if the actual name is not available. Use YouTube if it’s an official YouTube channel that posted the video. 

Title or the name of the video

The title or video’s name will then appear. However, the title needs to be enclosed in quotation marks. Additionally, it should be in title case, which means that all key title words should begin with a capital letter, except “to,” an article, a preposition, and a conjunction. A period should come after it.

Type of source and URL of the webpage

After the title, you must add words like “Online video clip” and a period to describe the format of the information’s source.

It would help if you then gave the website’s name, in this case, YouTube. You must mention YouTube even if the video is from the official YouTube Channel. It has to be italicized and then come into a coma.

Date and format of the source for the video

Mention the date the video was posted after that. Include a period at the conclusion and format it as a day-month-year. After the date, add the term “Web” as well. To cite a YouTube video, type web and then a period after it. 

Retrieval date of the video

The date you downloaded the video must be mentioned as the final component. Include this date in the day-month-year format; a period should come after it.

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The most effective strategy to create citations for your paper is to do so as you write rather than wait until the end. You will be less likely to forget to cite a crucial source you used and, as a result, less likely to face plagiarism charges if you complete them as you go along in your paper.

The details you offer in your online video reference may change depending on the specific source you are citing and your citation style. Now that your sources have been correctly cited in your professional or academic endeavors, you may rest comfortably.