How to Reference a YouTube Video in Your Bibliography?

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Writing requires you to cite your sources and take precautions to avoid plagiarism. YouTube videos (and other online videos, except movies) should only be mentioned in your notes when using the Chicago notes and bibliography style. 

They should be excluded from the bibliography. In that case, you can use your youtube video channel for your bibliography, but you need to grow your channel’s engagement to reach your audience. Social Greg is a reliable platform that can help you to grow your Youtube channels. Get a significant number of Youtube channel likes, views, and more with SocialGreg’s low-cost, high-quality services to drive traffic to your social media accounts. It is a reliable and great platform that offers real likes and subscribers for social media channels. 

In the bibliography, the video’s author, the video’s title, the film’s duration, the date the footage When citing YouTube video in Chicago style, the date the video was posted, the time stamp, and the YouTube video URL are all required.

Through this article, let’s learn How to reference a Youtube video in your bibliography.

How to reference a YouTube video in your bibliography

There are typically two ways to format citations in the Chicago style: notes and bibliography or author-date format. For YouTube videos, the Chicago style generally suggests utilizing the letters and bibliography format; nevertheless, your instructor may insist on using the author-date form.

What Details Do I Need

The most effective strategy to create citations for your paper is to do so as you write rather than waiting until the end. You’ll be less likely to forget to cite a crucial source and, as a result, to face plagiarism charges if you complete them as you go along in your paper.

The details you offer in your online video reference may change depending on the specific source you are citing and your citation style. The most often required data points are listed below.

These citations can be inserted into your project’s phrases as parenthetical citations (like this) or as footnotes corresponding to sources with the same number in a bibliography. Depending on the citation style you’re using, all of this is dependent.

Format for bibliographies

YouTube video citations must only be made in your endnotes or footnotes; they are not required in your bibliography. The only exceptions are if you extensively rely on the YouTube video source in your thesis, regularly cite it in your paper, or if your instructor likes it in the bibliography.

After the initial mention, you may use a condensed version of that source’s citation in your endnotes. It uses the author’s or inventor’s last name, abbreviated title, and Timestamp.


If you need to include the YouTube video in your bibliography, the following is an example of how to do so in Chicago style:

Lotus, Alex. “Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.” YouTube video,

7:10. December 15, 2022. 

Bibliography and Chicago meta tags

In-text and parenthetical citations, you must also provide an in-text reference each time you refer to the YouTube video in your writing and cite it in your bibliography.

Author last name, First name. “Video Title.” Additional information. Month Day, Year. Format, Video length. URL. 


Liu, Jessica. “How to Write a Strong Essay Conclusion.” Scribbr. February 8, 2021. Educational video, 3:50.

Full Note

Author first name, Last name, “Video Title,” Additional information, Month, Day, Year, Format, Video length or Timestamp(s), URL.

Short note

Author last name, “Shortened Video Title,” Timestamp (s).

They were citing a YouTube video in Chicago style with an unknown creator. It may only sometimes be apparent if the creator of the original or secondary source submitted the video. 

Use the YouTube username as the author if you cannot identify the video’s original creator. This holds for both citation types in the Chicago style.

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Chicago author-date format for a YouTube channel citation

The name of the YouTube channel is preceded by the abbreviation “n.d.,” which denotes that no precise reference date is given. Include the URL, access date, website, and channel name.

Chicago-style citation of a YouTube video by an unknown creator

The author of the primary or secondary source of the video might only sometimes be apparent. If you cannot locate the video’s original author, use their username on YouTube as the author instead. This applies to both Chicago-style citation kinds.

Using author-date style to reference YouTube videos

When using author-date formatting, the author’s last name, the year of publication, and, if appropriate, a timestamp are all included in in-text citations. In-text citations include the author’s last name, the year of publication, and, if applicable, a timestamp.

A year is appended after the channel name in the related reference list entry, which is otherwise identical to a bibliographical entry. Please list all of the videos you reference in this format in your reference list.

Chicago Style Citation Instructions for Online Videos

Follow the structure for online sources with no date if you’re citing or referencing a YouTube channel rather than a specific video in your research report.

Format for notes and references

Include the YouTube channel name, page, website name, complete retrieval date, and the channel URL when utilizing the notes and bibliography format to cite a YouTube channel.

Put the page title in quotation marks, which may include YouTube channel navigation headers. Before the date of retrieval, have the word “Accessed.”


You should always consult the official handbook to ensure that your citations and references are accurate because the Chicago Style Citation format has many distinct rules and criteria for citing different sources. 

You must adhere to the fundamental guidelines for referencing electronic sources whenever you cite an online source, whether a webpage or a video. This includes disclosing the video’s creator, publication date, title, and URL.