How to Maintain the Efficiency of Your Window Air Conditioner

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Following your purchase of the best 1-ton window AC, you may wonder how you can keep it in top condition for a long time. While there are some fantastic window air conditioner discounts on the market, professionals advise that you keep your unit in good working order. It is a tremendous money saver, and you may also extend its usable life over time. We’ll give you the best recommendations for making your window-type air conditioner run without a hitch in the sections ahead.

1.Replace the filter once a month

Poor interior cleaning, particularly the filter, can cause a window-type air conditioner to emit noise. Many models are simple to remove when it comes to removing them; all you have to do is remove the front panel. Remove the filter and gently clean it with a solution of water and liquid soap or white vinegar.

Then, before reinstalling the filter, let it dry completely. During the seasons when the unit is utilized the most, it should be cleaned once a month. It’s worth noting that your allergies and your window-type air conditioner connect. Pet hair, dust mites, pollen, and mold build up in the filter if it isn’t cleaned correctly, causing you ongoing pain.

2. Look inside to see if there are any animals or insects

Purchasing a window air conditioner is a terrific way to keep a room cool in the summer. What happens if you don’t protect it in the winter? You must ensure that no rats or insects establish a home there. It’s also possible that some insects will become trapped in the filter, making it harder to operate.

Store your window air conditioner in an appropriate location, such as a garage or vacant room, and wrap it up so nothing can get inside it. Suppose you cannot remove the unit from the window, use a cover created specifically for these devices. In that case, we are confident that they will be of great assistance.

3. Every season, clean the condenser coils

Dust and debris will accumulate on the inside of the condenser coils over time. Because of the accumulation, your window-type air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to remove heat from the room, resulting in higher energy usage and a higher monthly power bill. This is unquestionably a problem that you should avoid at all costs.

Spend some time cleaning the condenser coils at the beginning of the seasons when you utilize the equipment the most. To get to these, remove the front of the unit. You can remove grime with compressed air or a soft bristle brush and a bottle of liquid soap.

4. Clean the ventilation slots and the blower of any dirt

To clean the ventilation holes and the blower of any debris, we propose that you:

  • Fill a spray bottle with water and about a quarter of a cup of bleach.
  • Spray directly on the area where the air conditioner blows cool air. Don’t forget to saturate this area. As you carefully rotate the fan, make sure you get enough solution.
  • Fill the bottle with water and spray the same area once empty.

The idea is to clean the area with bleach and water, then thoroughly rinse away the chlorine.

5. Make sure the water tray is clean

Use a hose to stream water over the drip tray, allowing the dirt to be wiped away as the waterfalls. Avoid pressing the water on the tray since it is sensitive and can be damaged; this is one of the many blunders that can cause your air conditioner to fail.

6. Deep cleaning of the air conditioner in the window

When we do not clean the air conditioner regularly, dirt accumulates over time and becomes more difficult to remove. Dust, airborne particles, moisture traces, pet hair, and unlimited debris can attach to the inside parts, making them far more challenging to remove with a simple brush.

When was the last time you had your air conditioner cleaned? If you use it frequently and haven’t cleaned it in a long time, it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning to bring it back to life.

7. Window air conditioner cleaning solution

Mix water with a few drops of dishwashing soap to remove the most stubborn grime from your window air conditioner. Put it in a spray bottle and give it a good shake.

Apply this cleanser to the device’s fins, wait a few minutes for the dirt to soften, and then scrub with a brush to remove any remaining filth. Rinse with water and repeat the procedure until the area is thoroughly clean.

Rinse the frame with a pressured water hose on both the interior and outside of the panel. Avoid getting the control panel wet, and cover it with plastic to protect it. Before reassembling the unit, allow it to dry completely. Allow it to dry in the sun for a few hours before wiping away the excess moisture with a cloth or towel.

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8. Remove the musty odor from the air conditioner in the window

Mold growth can be aided by excessive humidity in the surroundings and the presence of debris on the filters and inside the air conditioner. If you detect a terrible odor coming from your window air conditioner when you turn it on, there is a way to get rid of mold.

Fill a spray bottle with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Spray the entire front of the air conditioner, including the input and output. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to act without rinsing until it dries.

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