Citing a YouTube Video in Your Paper Using APA style

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The YouTube videos you use must be both authentic and current. According to APA guidelines, you can establish the credibility of a source by considering the author’s experience and the editorial standards of the group or organization that uploaded the Video. With YoutubeStorm, the top YouTube marketing company, your channel and videos will gain more popularity on YouTube. Let’s Spread your youtube likes by purchases, views, or many things with YoutubeStorm.

Let’s get back to our main discussion; When collecting data for a paper; you can find pertinent YouTube videos you would like to mention. It’s possible that you already know how to cite a website in APA format, but it can be challenging to do so for YouTube. Without delay, through this article, let’s learn more about Citing a Youtube video in your paper using APA style.

Citing a YouTube video in your paper using APA style: Step-by-step guidelines 

  • Mention the last name of the person who uploaded the video, capitalizing the first letter. Their first name’s initial should be listed after the comma in the previous word, followed by a period. 

List their middle initial if you find it after the first initial, period, and period. Skip this step and start your citation with the following if the creator’s name isn’t accessible.

  • The uploader’s screen name, exactly as it appears on the page, should then be provided using brackets. After the last frame, add a period.
  • The whole written month should begin with a capital letter and end with a comma; the numerical day the Video was posted and the full numerical year is then placed in parentheses. After a period, the parenthesis should be closed.
  • Put the Video’s title in sentence case and italics (only capitalizing the first letter and proper nouns). No period should follow the label.
  • Put the term Video (for the source format) capitalized, in regular font, and between brackets after the title. After the final frame, a period should be added.
  • Put a period after the term YouTube (the name of the internet source) in this format.
  • Give the full web address of the website that hosts the YouTube video you’re referring to. Do not add a period after.

APA Format Citation for a Video Podcast

Another type of video format is video podcasts. These podcasts frequently contain expert interviews, which can be a fantastic source of original data for your work.

As shown in the example above, you should list the author first, followed by a parenthetical notation designating them as the program’s host. Include the date after that. The episode title, the episode number in parenthesis, and the media type should be listed. 

The name of the video podcast, the URL, and the name of the website it was collected from should then come after this. Also, take note of the italicized title of the video podcast in the sample above. 

The title of the overall work should be in italics when written; Video or audio articles are a component of a more extensive work (such as a blog or podcast series), according to the official APA publication handbook. The structure used here is the same as the one you would use to cite a specific chapter from a book.

How to Select a Video for APA Citation

The YouTube videos you use must be both trustworthy and current. According to APA guidelines, you can establish the credibility of a source by considering the author’s experience and the editorial standards of the group or organization that produced the Video.

For example, numerous reputable institutions, like the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have YouTube accounts and regularly provide content that is regarded as trustworthy.

To ensure that your paper contains the most recent findings, try incorporating current videos as frequently as possible.


You should always consult the official handbook to ensure that your citations and references are accurate because the APA format has many distinct rules and criteria for citing different sources. You must adhere to the fundamental guidelines for referencing electronic sources, so when you cite an online source, be it a webpage or a video. This includes disclosing the Video’s creator, publication date, title, and URL.

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How to accurately identify a video when the uploader’s real name is unidentified In APA?

Use the uploader’s username in place of their real name in your APA works-cited citation when you wish to cite a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video-hosting website but can’t identify the uploader’s real name.

When substituting a username for a real name, follow the format and case conventions used online and leave out the “username” element of the APA citation in your bibliography. For your in-text citation, omit the author’s name and instead use the username.

 Can you cite a YouTube video in a research paper?

A YouTube video can be properly cited in APA and MLA styles. You must provide the author, date, Video’s title, the website where you found it, and the URL when citing videos in MLA or APA style. Depending on the type you employ, you may want to arrange these details differently.

How do you cite a YouTube video in APA at a specific time?

Use a timestamp in your APA in-text citing when you want to highlight a particular video or audio source segment. Specify only the timestamp from the beginning of the passage you are quoting. For instance: (TED, 2022, 1:48).