The Best Way Of Raking Savings On Your Medical Bills, Loans & More (Dhani)

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Do you often run out of cash in the middle of the month and completely freak out to carry the rest of the month’s cost? Or aren’t you able to find a suitable way to pay off huge medical bills? Debting for personal loans will stand out as a saviour to combat these problems!

A personal loan can work as a borrower’s boon when facing a shortage of funds and stands out for emergency help! If you feel scared recalling after the negative impacts of a loan to alleviate, I must ensure no such harm will appear when you apply for it. Rather it may bugle up additional benefits. For instance, using a coupon from Dhani you may redeem a maximum 25% cashback along with attractive cash back offers on medical bills, supplements and even on online doctor consulting. There are lots of similar emergency gateways as well which too rely on the same benefits.

Hence, in this article let’s encounter probable ways to deprecate a lump sum smartly on your daunting medical bills either taking help from personal loans or similar deals.

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Ways of raking savings on your medical bills, loans and more

Expenses on medical bills are ascending day by day hence, savings on medical bills is of a major concern for now. However, to protect you from medical uncertainties in life we have for you a list of ways to keep your medical bills in check.

1. Opt for Generic substitutes

Brand name medications can be expensive, so there’s no harm in asking your doctor for a generic version of the medicine and placing these inside the prescription report. These are highly cost effective.

You may know, for every patented drug there is a cheaper substitute with the same composition manufactured by reputed pharmaceutical companies. All these are as effective as the branded ones. However, stop using these generic drugs in case of any side effects. 

Another way of grabbing huge expenses on your medical bill is seeking medines apps like 1mg which delivers all the prescribed medicines to your doorstep at greater discount; such as 80% off on all medicines at big summer sale.

2. Look out for the Online Bargains

Before heading to the store for the purchase, surf the internet as there are a plethora of websites that levy incredible amounts of discounts to all types of medicines ranging from 25% to maximum of 90%. Not only this, you may also book online doctor’s consultations at huge discounts.

You can opt Dhani pharmacy coupons to redeem a flat 25% budget deduction along with Rs. 50 cashback on your budget. In the same way you can book an online medical consultation at Rs. 399. To combat against covid you can also get a free covid kit here. Moreover, using Dhani coupons you can also get 0% interest free loan ranging from Rs.2500 to Rs. 1 lakh with a timeline of 90 days in case you need an emergency medical coverage.

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3. Utilize your Bank’s online bill payment facility

With the advancement of digital technology, most of the banks have tie-ups with their billers. Hence, it won’t be wondering to snap at least 5-10% cashback duly paying off an online bill using bank coupons.  In case of regular clinical purchase, being a patient of chronic disease you may save as low as 20% on your yearly bill after using online payment facilities.

4. Maximize your coverage and get special discount all year through

There are lots of health plans that lease away lucrative yearly budget savings. Some of these also avail 24*7 benefits. These special coverages propagate on lots of aspects; being budget saver, benefits on health cards or exclusive offer for being a long term user etc. Exclusively health cards offer a range of discounts at multi-specialty hospitals, diagnostic clinics, wellness institutes, pharmacies etc. these can easily be used from the Bajaj Finserv wallet app etc. 

However, The Bajaj Finserv Digital health EMI Network card helps users in two ways. Firstly, you can avail attractive discounts at all Apollo hospitals to reduce your expenses. Secondly, it offers a pre-approved limit of up to 4lakh at a private hospital or medical centre. The card also gives you a value added benefit of Personal Accident cover up to 1 lakh for a year.

5. Go in for a Floater Policy

Before considering a health plan you may think of a floater family policy instead of an individual one. A family floater usually covers self, spouse, dependent children & parents under a single premium. This will help you save money on the premium and the sum insured will also be available jointly for all the insured members under this policy. 

Purchasing a basic health cover and supplementing it with a Top-up or super Top-up plan is a prudent way to combat the rising health care costs in an economic way.

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6. Build an emergency fund to address your needs quickly and settle payments later

Dealing with a medical event can be a daunting task and can shake one to the core. That’s why everyone tries to keep themselves out of any medical debt and save for medical exigencies as much as they can. Yet you can’t help yourself from a catastrophic massacre. And to help you at that very moment seek emergency help from Lazpay that approves an instant loan of up to Rs.1 Lakh that you can repay over a span of 3 to 24 months with easy EMI options. Apart from creating a hassle free way of making payments, Lazypay also helps users access credit for multiple occasions namely carrying out travel expenses, education costs etc.

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7. Too many loans? Consolidate your debts

To curtail debts you can reduce how much money you owe anytime. Locking in a lower interest rate will not only help you reduce your ongoing monthly expenses, but will save money over time. 

For any dream big or small, Fullerton India makes your journey easy and smooth via offering short-term instant Personal loan of up to Rs 25 lakhs anytime and anywhere at an interest rate of 11.99% with a monthly benefit of EMI. Hence, it’s a wise idea to invest on a single loan rather than multiple. However, salaried professionals can expect additional benefits and grab some of the best offers available. Leave all your worries aside and get started to save more. With the skyrocketing cost of healthcare services, health insurance premiums, and prescription drugs, take time to get yourself familiarized with insurance benefits. At the same time stay alert to snag some great discounts via the coupons and attractive offers to manage and even significantly decrease your medical bills.

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