Best of The Sports Betting Apps

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There are a plethora of incredible sports betting apps out there; but as is the case with everything, there are a few that manage to exceed all expectations. It can be staggeringly difficult to create a sports betting app, and there is no doubt that all of the entries we are going to share with you today were the byproducts of a ton of hard work and effort. 

This is the way it should be – customers always deserve the best. In this article, we will be taking a look at a couple of the best sports betting apps in the industry, as well as going over a few of the key factors that contribute to making a good sports betting app. Let’s get right into it. 


BetMGM is one of the most modern sports betting apps out there, and you could not find an app that is more visually appealing than this. Everything on the BetMGM app just has that polished/luxurious feel, and this is precisely what makes it a popular option amongst younger bettors. 

Although, app design is not the only positive that BetMGM has going for them. In addition to having incredible graphics, BetMGM also has one of the most efficient apps on the market – navigating through it is like a sharp knife going through butter. 

The only area where BetMGM falters is when it comes to their sports selection. While this app certainly has a fair amount of sports to choose from, you are only going to be able to gain access to the most popular options, and any niche/obscure sports are going to be mostly out of reach.

For some, this is going to be a deal-breaker. For others, this may be of little concern. Either way; if the sound of a modern/luxurious betting app appeals to you and you do not have the desire to bet on anything but the most popular sports and events, then BetMGM is going to be a great option, and it is easily one of the best options out there right now. 

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If you are looking for an online cricket betting app with live odds that are updated second-to-second, then 10CRIC is going to be right up your street. 10CRIC is one of the most popular betting apps on the market, and after we told you a few tidbits about them, this will come as absolutely no surprise. 

As you would expect from any high-quality betting app, 10CRIC goes above and beyond to ensure that they are able to provide one of the best betting experiences imaginable, and they even have a few features that sets them apart from their contemporaries. 

Perhaps the most notable of all of 10CRIC’s positives is the sheer number of betting sports they offer to their customers – thousands of sports are on offer with 10CRIC, and they are known for being one of the most versatile betting apps out there. 

This includes all of the most popular sports as well as their less popular counterparts, and no matter what sport you may be into, chances are, 10CRIC are going to have you covered. This is why this app is one of the most popular options on the market; it just allows people to get access to sports and events that they otherwise would not have been able to. 

Everything we have said thus far is going to be more than reciprocated in any 10CRIC review you come across. This app is loved by both critics and fans alike, and the value they manage to provide to their customers goes unmatched by most. 

10CRIC could perhaps be considered as the quintessential betting app, and if you are looking for an app that just does it all, then 10CRIC might just be the way to go. 



If you have ever taken the time to consider what makes a good betting app, then all of the factors that would have been brought to your attention will be more than present with SugarHouse. Despite what most people think, SugarHouse is actually one of the oldest betting companies out there.

Since receiving their betting licence in 2006, SugarHouse has constantly updated their services to a point where they are almost perfect, and their dedication to progress is what has kept them in the industry till today. However, for one reason or another, SugarHouse has never managed to reach the levels of notoriety that some of the other popular betting apps have experienced.

This is namely due to the fact that they do not bring anything new to the table – most of the top names in the industry have something that differentiates themselves from most other casinos, and SugarHouse just doesn’t have something akin to this.

That’s not to say they are bad. On the contrary; the SugarHouse betting app is exceptional, and it is undoubtedly one of the highest quality options on the market. It just lacks that special something that would put it on the map, and for this reason, it isn’t going to be for everyone.

However, if you just want to get your hands on a near-perfect casino experience and do not care about some flashy gimmick or hallmark feature, then going with SugarHouse is going to be an amazing choice, and there are virtually no other options in the industry that can stand up to SugarHouse in terms of professionalism. 

All three of the betting apps we have featured in this list truly are the best that the market has to offer, and if you choose to with any of them, you will be in for an amazing experience. On the other hand, if you feel like none of the options we mentioned resonated with you, then we would implore you to keep looking – you should never settle for something you don’t want.

There is a sports betting app out there for everyone, and no matter how niche your preferences may be, there is going to be an option that fits you perfectly. Have fun. 

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