4 Best Laptops For Students In 2021

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Selecting the right laptop for study purposes in college can be a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from, which makes narrowing down the particular choice harsh considering the few things you need to put in place aside from the price. The price is also a significant factor since most students undergo expenses like housing, tuition, and buying books. 

The laptop that a student purchases should meet their needs and wants. The computer should also have enough features and power to help them get through their school projects and research. It should be capable of both custom term paper writing and some online games along with rendering or computing in scientific programs. They should also be light and have a long battery life that can last the hours they spend in school to avoid carrying the chargers. Here are some of the best laptops for students in 2021. 

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1. MacBook Air 

This laptop is a game-changer. It is among the thinnest and lightest laptops produced by Apple in recent years. It comes equipped with an M1 Silicon chip, making the MacBook Air a better option with great graphics, giving it an excellent performance backed up with its long battery life. With all these features, it still comes down to a fair price. Of course, many students will not afford it, but it will be the best laptop for you to get as a student if you have a bigger budget. 

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2. Google Pixel book Go

Google recently released the Pixel book Go. It is a luxury device that most of you have probably dreamed of. Most students will fall in love with this laptop. It has a full HD display with storage of between 64GB to 256GB idiot it recently and the editor’s choice award in the Chrome book category. It has a longer battery life, a fascinating and yet impressive keyboard, a full HD webcam that doesn’t come with budget-friendly devices. For students who have a budget for a laptop, you can bet on this as a choice. 

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3. HP Chromebook 14 

This Chromebook version may not be as powerful as the others, but the laptop has an upper echelon among its competitors, hence finding it a top spot on the best laptops that students can have. It has the right balance between excellent screen space, decent trackpad, but the ability and a very nice keyboard. It also comes equipped with a vivid display and boasts a low price. The laptop comes with 4GB or 8GB ram and boasts a 14-inch HD screen that is also anti-glare. Consider this laptop to satisfy your student’s needs.  

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4. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Most Microsoft devices come with a high price tag, and it is for this reason, the surface go is popular among those who are conscious about their budgets. It is arguably the most affordable tablet with a reasonable price and then excellent design. It can run the Windows 10 operating system in full, which makes it even more desirable and durable than other tablets considering the types of applications it runs. On the downside, the laptop has low power storage with a low configured base. Its performance, however, supersedes its predecessor. You can opt for this laptop if you’re a student as it will satisfy your needs.

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