5 Reasons not to Buy iPhone 12 in India

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iPhone 12 has been launched in India, and we have mentioned five reasons not to buy an iPhone 12. iPhone 12 is a great device, but there are few reasons because of which you should not buy the new iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 will be priced Rs 79900 (64 GB), iPhone 12 mini will be priced Rs 69900 (64GB), iPhone 12 Pro will be priced Rs 1,19,900 (128 GB), iPhone 12 Pro Max will be prices Rs 1,29,900 (128 GB).

Reasons not to buy iPhone 12 in India

1. Price is very high

If we look at the price, it is very high for even the 64 GB variant for the iPhone 12 mini in India. The US pricing is Rs 51,300, and in India, it is priced at a whopping Rs 69,900, which is unfair to the apple customers in India.

2. No charger and earphones in the box

Apple calls it their step towards fighting climate change, but the truth is Apple wants to earn more profit by selling their charger separately and pushing their customers to buy AirPods. The charger in India costs around Rs 3000, and the AirPods also costs Rs 20,000, which is not acceptable at all

3. Better options are available

If you want to use an Apple device, then you can go for iPhone 11 as you will get it at a much cheaper rate and there are schemes in which you can get Airpods with iPhone 11 for a very affordable price.

4. 5G Technology

In India, 5G is not a thing yet, and there will not be any need for 5G in future as well for at least three years. There is no point putting extra money in a device to make it future safe looking at 5G. You should save some money by buying a phone from the iPhone 11 series.

5. Specs are not worth it

If we look at the specs, then there is not any significant difference in the specs of iPhone 12 if we compare it with iPhone 11. If you want an Oled screen then only I think you should go for it otherwise there is no point in upgrading or buying an iPhone 12


If you look at these points, you will understand why you should not buy an iPhone 12 in India. You should invest in iPhone 11 if you really want to buy an iPhone and if you already own an iPhone 11 or even iPhone Xr, there is no point in upgrading your phone

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