Top 12 Venture Capital India Firms For Early Startups

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Every start-up needs substantial Investment to flourish. It is seen that the investments made in the initial stage prove to be the Launchpad for any firm. The profits rise steadily at the beginning of a business. So, it is smarter to start with a decent amount of Investment at the beginning itself. You need to contact multiple investors to fulfil this requirement, especially in a country like India. It would be best if you convinced numerous investors by presenting your planned policy to extract maximum revenue. That’s where venture capital India comes.

Note that no amount of convincing is enough for banks when it comes to taking enormous loans for a start-up in India.  

What are Venture capitals India?

Venture Capital

It is challenging to collect huge loans from banks, but you need not worry. Venture capital India is the remedy. Venture capital India is India based firms that invest in small scale start-ups with high potential. You can call them “the godfather” for business start-ups. Venture capital India help every firm in the initial stages of uncertainties. Eventually, some of the start-ups turn Unicorn firms with time and hard work.  

Why do Venture capitals India invest in businesses?

Venture Capital investment

The banks usually deny lending loans to small businesses, and that’s where venture capital India comes. That is because of the risk involved in their businesses. Still, some adventurous investors believe in the potentials of these small businesses and invest in them. Mostly, a group of investors put their money together and support. That is why they are called “Venture capital”. They charge a high rate of interest in compensation to the risk taken by them.  Venture capitals India make a profile of the investments and invest in companies which fulfill their criteria. They have their team of experts who decide which risks are fatal and not for a particular business. They keep their database and update it with periodic trends in the Indian market. This way, they minimize the risk and maximize the profit.      

Features of Venture capital firm in India

  • They make a high-risk investment to attain high profits.
  • They prefer long term financial goals to short term ones. It means they would go easy on small losses initially but expect high returns in the long run.
  • The more innovative your project is, the more attention you would gain.
  • The investments are made by buying equity shares in a business. 

Top Venture capital firms in India

1. Nexus Venture Capital

Nexus Venture Capital

Nexus Venture Capital invests in businesses in both India and the USA. It is one of the top Venture capital firms in India.

  • The company helps firms forming strategies and building teams.
  • It has made $0.5 Million and $10 Million Investment in seed stages of several companies.
  • They create businesses capable of standing alone.
  • Some of their successful ventures are Delhivery, Snapdeal, and Komli. 

Website link:

2. Intel Capital India

intel capital

Intel Capital India was founded in 1991 by Les Vadasz and Avram Miller. This one of the Top Venture capital firms in India invests mainly in hardware, software, and cloud domains.

  • Intel Capital India is highly reputed and has 26 offices across the globe.
  • It has successfully ventured in Hungama, Yatra, and Indiamart.

Website link:

3. Blume Ventures 


Blume Ventures is an Indian venture capital firm that invests mostly in Mobile and internet services along with the digital platform.

  • Supports Mobile apps, Data infrastructure, and software.
  • It is a Mumbai based firm and was founded in 2010.
  • It has successfully invested in Unacademy and Dunzo and become Top Venture capital firms in India. 

Website link:

4. IDG India ventures


One of the best Venture capital firms in India is IDG India ventures is a California based Venture capital firm in India since 2000

  • Usually it invests in the Internet, mobile, media, technology, Software products, engineering, and medical devices, etc. 
  •  It has ventured by investing in Myntra, Yatra, and Ozone. It is one of the top venture capital firms in India.

Website link:

Venture Capital Companies in India

5. Saif Partners

Saif partners

Saif Partners was founded in 2001 as the Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund. After making a substantial amount of profit, the board members started Saif Partners.

  • It invests in Digital healthcare, Life sciences, Retail and Financial services.
  • This Venture Capital Company in India has supported successful businesses like BookMyShow, Just Dial, Paytm, and Make my trip. 

Website link:

6. Accel Partners


Accel Partners was founded in 1983. It invests in India, China, New York, London, and so on.

  • It mainly invests in Internet technology companies as well as Cloud-enabled services.
  • This Venture Capital Company in India has made $0.5 Million and $50 Million Investment in several companies.
  • Some of the startups they have invested in are Flipkart, Zansaar, Probe, etc. 

Website link:

7. Fidelity Growth Partners


Fidelity Growth Partners is a private branch of Fidelity International Limited in India. That is a top Venture capital company in India. 

  • It stakes typically $10 Million and $50 million for minor companies.
  • Mainly it invests in technology, life sciences, health care, and manufacturing.
  • It has invested in Yebhi and Netmagic and helped them grow. 

Website link:

8. Naspers


Naspers is a leading Venture capital company in India for a long time.

  • It mainly invests in sectors of Ecommerce, Print Media, and television.
  • It helped Flipkart become a Unicorn and also funded OLX. 

Website link:

Early stage investors in India

9. Helion venture partners 


The founders of Helion venture partners are Rahul Chandra, Ashish Gupta, Sanjeev Aggrawal, and Kanwaljit Singh. The Early stage investors in India were founded in 2006 in India.

  • It has made $2 Million and $10 Million Investment for less than $10 Million in revenues. 
  • The firm aims to invest in businesses in the technological field and environmental and educational ventures.
  • Some of their successful experiences are BigBasket, RedBus, and Toppr. 

Website link:

10. Investors Capital Partners

Investors capital partners

Investors Capital Partners has a managing board of entrepreneurs and veteran Industry operators.

  • The Early stage investors in India invest between $1 Million and $2 Million Investment in several companies’ seed stage.
  • It invests in telecommunication, hardware, media, the Internet, catalog retail, hotels, restaurants, and so on.
  • It ventured into Policy Bazaar, Savaari, CBazaar, etc.

Website link:

11. Jungle Ventures

Jungle ventures

Jungle Ventures is a Singapore based early stage investors in India.  It helps growing start-ups that aim to solve global problems.

  • They have invested in Ecommerce, Digital media, Analytics, etc. 
  • It has funded businesses like Zipdial, Ekstop, Milaap, etc.

Website link:

12. Sequoia Capital India


Sequoia Capital India is an early stage investor in India which invests in seed stages and the mid, late, expansion, and growth stages of various companies.

  • It has made $0.1 Million and $1 Million Investment in the seed stage of several companies. It invests more in subsequent steps.
  • Mainly it invests in Healthcare, Energy, technology, and outsourcing sectors.
  • It has invested in Delhivery, Snapdeal, Housing, and Komli.

Website link:

Don’t worry if your plan is risky, and you need support. There are tons of investors who can make your dream come true. Just be sure about your project, and don’t stop dreaming. 

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