Problems And Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

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Women have been neglected, suppressed, and deprived of their fundamental rights and their are a lot of problems faced by women entrepreneurs for a long time in our Male-dominated society for such hollow patriarchal notions. Still, the community nurtures this concept that women are weak gender, and they only fit in domestic works.  

According to a recent study, 58.50% of the people strongly believe in women entrepreneurship, 25.10% believe in women entrepreneurship, 5.50% don’t believe, 5% strongly don’t believe, and 5.90% don’t have an opinion.


This chart shows women entrepreneurship is growing fast, and the mindset of people is changing. But your opinion will change after looking at the graph down below. This graph shows the percentage of women business owners around the world. Around 62% of the women’s business owners are white, 15.4% black, 14.9 Hispanic, and only 7.64% Asian which shows there are lots of problems of women entrepreneurs in Asian countries.


This graph shows that women entrepreneurship still has a long way to go.

Top 15 Challenges & Problems faced by Women Entrepreneurs 

problems of women entrepreneurs

Here we will give a concise overview of the difficulties faced by women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

1. Money Issues

challenges faced by women entrepreneurs

Women face challenges initially in starting a business due to not having adequate savings, domestic property, etc. So, they face a challenging endeavor to manage capital for starting up the business. 

  • Economic issues are one of the critical challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.
  • They do not get any help from financial institutions because they are reluctant to provide loans for unmarried girls or middle-class women. 
  • They can get help from some government schemes, such as Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY), Bharatiya Mahila Bank, Mahila Shakti, Shilpini Project, etc.

2. Family Constraint

women entrepreneur problems

Girls are grown up with a mentality from childhood, the family should be their priority, and they have to provide for the family first instead of following her dreams. 

  • There are restrictions on exploring new places, traveling, and starting a business which justifies as women entrepreneur problems.
  • Family constraint meant is one of the biggest problems faced by women entrepreneurs.

3. Discrimination’s on gender basis

challenges for women in business

Support is one of the crucial things, which deprives women of life. They do not get any encouragement for their work from their own family; this is one of the unfortunate problems of women entrepreneurs. 

  • Males in the family are encouraged more when it comes to entrepreneurship.
  • Females are preferred to do household work.
  • They also do not get ample, sufficient support to be a successful entrepreneur from their relatives. 

4. Ego of Men

ego of men

One of the problems of women entrepreneurs can be found in struggling with their colleagues in their workplace. Some conservative members of this society do not like the women entrepreneurs as their competitors. The male ego gets hurt when a woman entrepreneur transcends them. So, by hook or by crook, they try to stop the women entrepreneurs causing women entrepreneur problems.

  • Facing the male ego is one of the biggest challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. 
  • Making men work under you as a woman can be challenging at times and is a big entrepreneurship problem.

5. Wastage of education

wastage of education

Earlier, women were not allowed to go for higher education, which was unfortunate. Even in this modern era, you can still see these impertinent activities in rural areas or villages. What’s even more unfortunate is that people educate their daughters to make a good portfolio for their marriage instead of making them self dependent.

  • Inadequate education creates problems for women entrepreneurs.
  • The narrow mindset of families causes women to stop chasing their dreams even after having a proper education. 

6. Unfavorable Aspects

Unfavorable Aspects

The conditions of women are little different as the so-called gentle society changes its strategy in dominating the women causing women entrepreneur problems, which is a typical case and problem of women entrepreneurs.

  • Domination in various fields is a big problem for women entrepreneurs.
  • Women entrepreneurs are not taken seriously, which makes the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and difficulties to increase.

7. Emotional Nature

Emotional Nature

Women are relatively more sensitive than men. They suffer in their professional life due to showing much sympathy towards other people, and people consume this opportunity.

  • Emotions can cause problems in entrepreneurship.
  • Dealing with emotional stress can be challenging at times.

8. Dealing with risks

Dealing with risks

You have to deal with numerous risks To handle a business. Women entrepreneurs are scared of it and quickly give up on it. 

  • Dealing with risks is a big challenge for women in business.
  • There are times when important decisions are needed to be made, which can be difficult.

9. Absence of proper information

Absence of proper information

Sometimes women don’t get proper information about annuity or incentive. So, they miss to achieve some exceptional opportunities; this is also a problem faced by women entrepreneurs.

  • It is one of the biggest challenges for women in business.
  • Proper information is needed to start any business which can be difficult at times to gain.

10. Problems in Traveling

Problems in Traveling

Sometimes people need to move here and there to enhance their businesses, but this is a difficult task to execute for women as there are families who don’t allow them to travel far from home. So a deficiency in mobility is one of the women entrepreneurs’ problems.

11. Spreading business

Spreading business

Interacting with customers is one of the healthy ways to increase business and to do networking. But women do not feel comfortable to deal with strangers. Due to the lack of networking, their business suffers.

  • Dealing with strangers can be challenging at times.
  • Convincing a stranger is a big challenge for women entrepreneurs. 

12. Lack of seriousness

Lack of seriousness

Just because they are women, people refuse to give them any financial help. People tend to believe that women cannot increase benefits and make them do less serious jobs. 

  • It is one of the most common problems faced by women entrepreneurs.
  • This problem is mostly seen in modern-day offices. 
  • Women are preferred to do Jobs like receptionists and assistants.

13. Tough Rival

Tough Rival

Women can not build contemporary businesses in some cases as male rivals tend to dominate the local markets. 

  • It is also a challenge faced by women entrepreneurs because women cannot go to the local market to promote some kind of products. 
  • Male rivals take advantage of this problem which is one of the biggest challenges for women in business.

14. Balancing between business and family

Balancing between business and family

Women are bound to deal with the balancing family as well as business at the same time. There are many ups and downs in the market, and they do not get enough time to handle these after taking childcare or completing household work. So they gasp in balancing two parts of life. 

  • Household things seem challenging for women in business.
  • Creating a balance in family and business can be challenging.

 15. Panic in breakdown

Panic in breakdown

The breakdown will find its way to break you, and this is a common problem faced in business by women entrepreneurs. Women tend to panic by the thought of failure, which causes their business to suffer.

  • Dealing with a mental breakdown can be challenging and is one of the biggest problems faced by women entrepreneurs.
  • Taking important decisions to save a business can cause panic and stress in mind.

Women entrepreneurs struggle a lot, and their journeys are admirable. These are the problems of women entrepreneurs which are faced by them in day to day life. If as a women entrepreneur you have faced any other challenges for women in business then you can mention it in comments.

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