How To Start A Screen Printing Business In 4 Easy Steps

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Screen printing is a very famous printing technique used to apply images to the products like t-shirts, wood, poster, etc. It is a simple process if you have a big enough screen, skill, the right equipment, and experience. Screen printing requires a mesh that is stretched over a frame and burnt to create the stencil. 

If you are thinking how to start a screen printing business, then below, I have listed down a few steps. 

1. Decide a Niche for the Screen Printing Business

Deciding a niche while starting a screen-printing business is very vital in the business world. You need to do proper market research and jot down the niche, making a considerable profit to create a business plan. Choosing the niche will help you have a keen eye on the competitors you have in the market. But if you wish to run this business in the long run, then we suggest picking a niche that you are passionate about so that your chances of success are increased and knowing how to start a print shop.

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2. List Down The Equipment That You May Need to Start the Screen Printing Business

If you are thinking of how to start a screen printing shop, then you need to know that you require the relevant equipment in the beginning. You will require much equipment like the screen printing press, exposure light, shirt folder, heat gun, scoop coater, scrub brushes, ink scoops, laser temp gun, washing booth, and a spray bottle. Individual circumstances play a major role in the necessity of purchasing the equipment, as you can DIY too. 

3. Buy a screen printing press

You must invest in buying a screen printing press to make your work easier. Screen printing press makes it easier to load shirts on the pallet as it is quite easy to print shirts on the press with a pallet, which helps load and split the shirt. You get your shirts easily printed when the pallet goes inside the shirt. As a beginner, you need to decide how many colors you want to print and buy the press accordingly. You don’t need to initiate with a big floor printing press. 

4. Decide The Pricing Of Your Shirts

Pricing is very difficult and the most important step in any business plan. A proper estimation of your cost is very important. Your pricing can depend on various factors like the type and the quality of the garment you are using, the number of colors you use as you need to create a different screen for the design of each color, and later the number of garments you choose to print also plays a major role in deciding the pricing of your shirts. Other factors like the color of your garment, the labor cost, and the spoilage can also help you decide your shirts’ pricing if you are wondering how to start a print shop. 

This was your complete answer to how to start a screen printing business and how much does it cost to start a printing business.

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Pros and Cons of Screen Printing Business


1. You have the freedom to print on any polycotton or cotton cloth

You can create some of the custom designs for all the popular clothing materials made from cotton or polycotton. This prevents you from sparing money on high-quality fabrics. 

2. It’s best for massive designs that use one or greater colors

The manner is best for huge photographs and textual content that includes one or multiple colors. An ink-blocking stencil is implemented to a woven mesh to shape a place wherein the ink can switch onto the material.

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1. It can be costly

If you are thinking about how much does it cost to start a printing business, then let me tell you. The initial investment could be slightly higher if you use too many colors. Screen printing is right for designs that encompass one or colors. However, every shade is carried out to the material separately, and so the price is regularly better while you upload more. 

2. You can’t screen print on coated fibers

It’s highly impossible to print on the coated fibers, and if you want to, you need to go for an alternative.

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So above is the detailed note on how to start a screen printing business to help you get started. If you have any questions related to how to start a screen printing business or how much does it cost to start a printing business in mind then you can mention them in the comments.

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