How To Start A Homestay Business In 4 Easy Steps

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A homestay is a form of lodging and hospitality which offers accommodations to the paying visitors. Homestay business allows visitors to reside with the locals of the city to which they traveled. The duration of the stay can vary from a year to one night or just a few days. Homestay is regarded as more of a cross-cultural exchange. But if you don’t know how to run a homestay business or even how to start a homestay business, then below are a few steps that can help you initiate your homestay startup.

4 Steps to start a homestay business

1. Furnish your house 

When looking for how to start a homestay business, the first this you should consider is furnishing. Furnishing the house is an essential step in setting up your homestay business. Having a clear idea of how you want your homestay to look is a good reflection of your service to the visitors. You can work on this process by lining up all the required amenities for your guests. Such include WiFi, toiletries, fridge, stove, and cooking facilities. 

2. Take good photos

Taking good pictures of your house is extremely important to take your business online. A good photograph is the first impression of your home, which can attract more visitors. You can click pictures in natural light in the daytime, or you can hire a photographer too. This is an essential step in your homestay start-up.

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3. List on online platforms

The easiest way to make a profitable income out of this business is by listing your homestay service on online platforms. You can list them on platforms like,, Trip Advisor, or Airbnb. You can also post ads on your social media handles such as Facebook, Goggle, or Instagram. This step requires you to upload your property related documents and identification. 

4. Set flexible rules

If you don’t know how to run a homestay business, then setting rules is the most essentials of your start-up. Sometimes travelers choose hotels over homestay due to rigid regulations set for visitors. If you wish to profit from this start-up idea, giving freedom to your customers can increase the demand for your service in the market. 

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Pros and Cons of Homestay Business

Now you know how to start a homestay business then, it’s time to learn about some of the pros and cons of homestay startup as well.


1. Low Investment 

Homestays are more favorable than compared to hotels in costs. The overall investment required for homestay is meager as you can start from a few rooms of your own house and invest in basic amenities to make your home comfortable for the visitors. 

2. Experience 

As accommodation plays a central role, the homestay offers an authentic experience of living like a local compared to hotels. So, tourists mostly choose homestay over the hotel as they live the local people’s lifestyle in that culture. 

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1. Lack of freedom 

Living in a homestay will not be free for some of the visitors and the host family. Sometimes, a few restrictions like not inviting friends, parties, or staying out overnight can perhaps make people choose a hotel over a homestay. 

2. Food option isn’t always available 

A homestay start-up couldn’t provide many food options to the customers than hotels, so travelers usually choose hotels over homestay. 

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These were some of the steps you need to follow while looking for how to start a homestay business or how to run a homestay business. Keep in mind the pros and cons of a homestay startup before going into this business.

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