How to Start a Food Truck Business? 6 Easy Steps You Should Follow

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Over the past few years, Food Trucks have captured the hearts of many upcoming business entrepreneurs. According to various studies performed by a number of food research institutions, this food truck trend is here to stay and grow over a period of time which leads us to tell you how to start a food truck business.

Food trucks have been a great budget-oriented option for small restaurant owners. The advantage these trucks come with gives the owners great freedom of mobility to cover more location than they could possibly ever think about with a fixed restaurant. Thinking about advantages of food truck brings us to the question of how much does it cost to start a food truck?

To answer this extremely important question, let us create the best food truck business plan with the following points. 

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Food Truck Business Plan

how to start a food truck business

1. Choosing the Right Vehicle

How to start a food truck business? This question can seem difficult if you don’t have a food truck business plan handy. To create one, you must start by finding the right food truck. This is important because you will be needing enough space to prepare travel, and sell your dishes. 

2. Gathering the Required Tools

Working in the food truck can be daunting at times, especially when you don’t have the right kitchen tools. Buying kitchen tools can also be a crucial part that decides the answer to your question of how much does it cost to start a food truck. You need to be sure that your kitchen tools are not too expensive and can be placed properly while driving, to avoid any mishaps.

3. Licenses and Permits

Getting legal advice on how to start a food truck business can be a bane for your business. This can be by far the most important aspect of your food truck business plan, even more so than finding the right truck. But you can get licenses and permits for food trucks such as Fire Safety Certificate, Shop and Establishment License, NOC from RTO to name a few. Your lawyer can guide you about what role each license plays in determining how much it costs to start a food truck.

4. Manpower 

Before considering the answer to how much does it cost to start a food truck, you should not forget considering manpower. The food truck does not offer much space, and therefore, you should not consider hiring more than two chefs and helper as they can comfortably handle your food truck’s entire operations.

5. Staff Uniforms

This may seem like a small and insignificant aspect of your food truck business plan, but staff uniforms can make your business look invariably professional. Thus, the expert’s advice would be to pay attention to staff uniforms.

6. Marketing Your Food Truck!

Prior to giving the go-ahead on the final question of how to start a food truck business, do not forget to market the truck of your dreams! To market yourself, having a social media presence is a must. Try to create a buzz for your food truck before you set foot in the market to attract more eyeballs, and you will have the win from the minute you start your business.


By following these steps, you will be able to start your own food truck business. Food truck business is a great business to start is cities like Noida and Gurgaon. And lastly, when it comes to cost, it totally depends on quality of material, location and the marketing cost. I hope this article was helpful to you and if you have any question, you can mention it in the comments.

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