How to Make Money on YouTube: Effective Ways

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To many, YouTube is a website where you can spend countless hours viewing pet videos, product reviews, etc and wonder how to make money on YouTube or how much do YouTubers make from these videos. It might sound like fun to become a successful YouTuber, but you have to work to start and there’s no guarantee that it pays off. You could find other opportunity if you are trying to make a short buck but YouTube is a long term project which takes lots of effort to make an earning from YouTube.

Here we have provided a few methods to know how to make money on YouTube and also how much does YouTube pay for making videos.

How to make money on YouTube

how to earn money from youtube

1. Request for Partner Program of YouTube

partner program

You must affiliate with the website to earn directly via YouTube which is a simple answer for how to earn money from YouTube. There are a few places to cash in if you do so, but you have to satisfy the conditions to become a partner:

  • Over the last 12 months, the videos will meet with the platform’s criteria for ads and have over 4000 valid audiences viewing time.
  • Within a qualifying region, you are expected to live.
  • More than 1,000 subscribers are necessary.
  • Google AdSense.

2. Link Google-AdSense


You must link your channel to Google AdSense, the advertisement network of the company, to obtain approval. It is the best answer for how to earn money from YouTube. Advertisers use AdSense to bid on advertising room depending on criteria like the demographic, content themes, and keywords.

You may usually receive an earning from YouTube based on the “impressions” the videos get, anytime someone clicks on or watches an advertisement. Additionally, advertisements do not appear each time anyone watches a video, so watches do not explicitly turn the bank into revenue. YouTube had a cut in ad income; the amount will not be reported.

3. YouTube Premium

youtube premium

AdSense is not the only way of making money on YouTube, then how to make money on YouTube from this method? You can also use YouTube Premium, the ad-free streaming program of the platform. Depending on how many users watch your videos, you receive some earning from YouTube from subscription fees.

4. Placement of advertising and video sponsorship

video sponsorship

Companies who are interested in the audience on your channel may fund your videos in return for a shout-out. Payments are likely to be made per sale or in fee rates. Check for prospective corporate partners on affiliate marketing platforms such as ShareASale, ClickBank, and CJ Affiliate – and make sure you can recognize your business and products before enrollment.

5. Crowd funding

crowd funding

Two key crowd funding forms exist: periodic and project-based. Recurring crowd funding requires donors to pay a daily payment that they decide. To make a channel into a vast income stream you would like to leverage this form of financing. Encouraging fans to sign-up may include one-on-one video chats, private tutorials, or merchandise.

6. Sell goods and services to audiences

Sell goods and services

If you have a product or provide an audience-related service, remind them, and make connections to the content. For example, Ryan Kaji, star of Ryan’s World Children’s YouTube, sells toys, t-shirts, and other products. You may need to purchase supplies or find a distributor to sell the actual goods so you can also sell downloadables such as e-books or art prints. Before advertising your products, have a stable payment mechanism in place. You can also do this business to make money on Facebook as well.

How much do YouTubers Make?

how much do youtubers make

Lying in bed and enjoy your favorite VEVO streams from your mobile and speakers, you ‘re looking at a makeup tutorial, a “how-to” or one of many channels that you can’t get enough of. You assume that these people are Uploading for free. So of course, in their early days, you may have begun this way, but here we are to say that some of the most-watched networks of YouTube make a lot of money. Yeah, how much do YouTubers make exactly? We’re going to tell you that.

  • How much you can make with YouTube? Anywhere from $0.01 and $0.03 per view, which can equate and $3-$5 for a thousand views, and up to $ 5 thousand per thousand views.
  • YouTube pays for your channel and videos only after you have paid $100 or more for advertisements put on it.

How much does YouTube pay

how much does youtube pay

YouTube revenue is created by advertising, sponsorships, and related connections through AdSense where the question arises how much do YouTubers make. The highest paid YouTuber was a 7-year-old kid named Ryan in 2018 who launched his website, Ryan ToysReview, with several million in YouTuber income. In a single year, it cost him $22 million. You can understand how much does YouTube pay through their Ad revenue system down below.

YouTube Ad Revenue Working Mechanism

youtube mechanism

Many Internet browsers see YouTube as a spot where foolish videos or new music videos are wasting their time. For some, it’s a place where music videos, news, or even family activities can be posted and shared online with your peers, but the question is how much does YouTube pay for these videos. A minority party claims that YouTube is central to its online sales policy.

How to earn money from YouTube is an easy question to answer, but it can be a struggle to make big money and answering the question how to make money on YouTube in a short period of time but that’s a topic for another article. For now let’s look at how YouTube ad revenue operates and how the company begins to make profits.

  • Enable your Profile for AdSense for YouTube.
  • Upload and advertise a video.
  • Get an AdSense payment.

What amount of money would you get on YouTube?

earning from youtube

You can optimize your revenue potential by using content monetization, partnerships, and the marketing of supported shares in your video clips.

You will gain money from CPM, CPV, and CPC advertising on YouTube. An average YouTube makes $7.60 per 1,000 views with printing costs (CPMs). Nevertheless, according to Google’s strategy, developers earn 55% of their ad sales while Google holds 45%.

When you become a channel owner for affiliate ads, marketers pay for various types – usually per sale or expense per lead. The number of conversions and selling fees you receive to advertisers is specifically related to your earning from YouTube here.

Even in your videos, you can sell endorsed goods. Here YouTubers were making money by offering short references or longer advertising tips for publicity brands.

However, brands are going to pay you if you have built a measurable channel following. For all the few thousand views on your site, this price can vary from $20 to $50.

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