What Should You Know Before Buying Your Wedding Saree Online

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A wedding is such a beautiful event in a woman’s life that all she wants is to look beautiful and special. The wedding saree worn by her would be the top priority to choose from the available options. When you are getting married, you have to remember that the attire you wear on the day is very special — especially in the case of Indian weddings. The most common bride choice for attire in an Indian wedding is a saree. 

Many choices and varieties of wedding saree are available for the bride-to-be, and so for the rest of her family members. While there are many places and shops to purchase your wedding saree, in case you plan to purchase them online, we are here to assist you. Remember, while choosing the wedding saree online, you need to keep a few things in mind that we have covered.

1. Choose Your Color

For a prospective bride, nothing other than shopping for a wedding saree could give happiness. For ages, we see the parents and the family members shop for the best and most elegant wedding saree for the bride. The traditional wedding saree colors in India come in pink, turmeric yellow, auspicious red wedding saree. Also, while selecting the color of the saree, choose to go for a shade that you like. The good idea is to choose something bright, to make sure you attract everyone. While red is the common color in India, go for one that suits your skin tone the best. 

2. Know the difference 

Though online websites come in a separate category for wedding sarees, you must know the basic difference between the kind of wedding sarees that are available online. Also, go through the sarees listed in other categories too for you may never know where the saree you are looking for lies. Do have a look at the other options such as traditional, party wear, printed, embellished, and embroidery which will give you an overall idea of which piece will fit you the best. Also, take a note of the important part of the saree — the blouse.

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3. Make use of the wishlist 

Online stores offer various styles when it comes to a wedding saree. When you go through the list, keep marking your favorite collections in the wish list. This will help you save time by refraining you to go through the entire collection all over again. 

4. Compare pricing 

We all have been to stores where we pull out sarees from various ranges and styles and then choose the final product by comparing its price, color, etc. So now in online shopping, after saving a few options for your wedding saree in the wishlist, if you are confused on which option to choose, go based on the price of the saree. Check and ask for yourself as to which saree is worth paying the amount. Only if you are convinced, go finalize your product. 

5. Shop with Confidence

Before buying a wedding saree online, be very careful in going through the description to know what you are going to buy. As far as online shopping is concerned, “What you see is what you get” is not the case. Take time to read all the big and small descriptions put on the description. Though the website could be a genuine and reputed one, we never know who the seller might be. Hence, before you check out and make payment, make sure you are aware of what you have paid for.

6. Go through payment procedures 

Different websites offer different kinds of payments. Some could accept vouchers, provide partial payment or give the option of cash on delivery. Since a wedding saree comes for a huge price, be careful on choosing your product and making the payment. Certain websites allow their customers to have a trail of their attire and then pay for it later. In that case, make your order for it and purchase it immediately. Also, check out if you are eligible for any discounts on your purchase. 

7. Check for Shipping, Cancelling, and Refund Policy

If you have decided to buy your wedding saree online, it is recommended that you start placing your order at least two months prior.  It helps you know about their shipping policy and you could also have some breathing time without having the last-minute tensions. Also, during the wait time, in case you find a better option than the one for which the order is placed, you can simply cancel the first order. Make sure you are aware of their refund and cancellation process so that you need not be following for months together for your refund.

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8. Customer care service 

Reputed websites always come with a customer care service number to help their customers who are unable to purchase online. Calling them will help you understand more about the product you intend to buy or for a follow-up for your existing order. In case you do not find any customer care number in the website portal, consider it as a warning sign and avoid purchasing from that seller.

9. Fabric  

A wedding saree’s fabric can either make or break your look. It is the most important part of your selection process. Not only should the fabric look great but, it should also give you that perfect drape and look. The choices vary from heavy banarasi silk sarees to stunning and elegant kanjeevaram silk sarees. Hence, choose the ones that suit your body best. 

How To Choose Wedding Saree Online

Buying products online has a lot of benefits, especially for those who do not have time and energy. However, you must pay attention to a few details such as reading and understanding the contents of the item, shipping cost nd their replacement policy, and knowing user reviews that can give you a comprehensive and realistic expectation of the item. 

Lastly, avoid getting scammed as there are many fake websites out there projecting them as online shopping stores to get information from you. 

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