Top Places to visit in Bali and Maldives on the Indian Ocean

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The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean among the world’s water bodies. It has an expanse from the west coast of Australia to the east coast of Africa. The southern tips of India and the Middle east touch upon this ocean. The Ocean has numerous islands of all sizes spread out throughout the region. These are the typical tropical beauties full of dense vegetation and pristine beaches. 

The most frequented are Bali in Indonesia and Maldives located southwest of India. These island escapes are blessed with the dense green cover of tropical forests. The lure of clear ocean waters with calm beaches has turned them into popular tourist destinations. Discover their scenic beauty while spending your relaxing vacation at Bali and Maldives.


An extremely popular tourist place on the Indian Ocean is Bali located within the numerous islands that constitute Indonesia. It is truly a nature lovers’ abode with bright sunshine, rain and magical vegetation all around. Tourists here find a great coming together of natural beauty, culture, local delicacies, religious places to visit and mountains to scale. Once your reach here, Bali packages will be your constant guide to explore this beautiful place. So, why wait? Move to know what to see and do at this mesmerizing place among the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Beaches in Bali

As a tropical island Bali boasts of several well-known and tranquil beaches. Some of them are the Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, and Nusa Dua beaches. There are many more. The breathtaking sunrises and sunsets here are immeasurable in beauty. Bali Packages will help you to explore more on these beaches. Indulge in water sports at these beaches. Settle on the beach lined with restaurants to sip and taste local cuisines. Shop for souvenirs, see the Bali art and crafts and enjoy the views. What more can one expect from a beach holiday?

There is no escaping the adventure and the thrill that comes along with water sports. Bukit peninsula and Padang Padang beach are popular for surfing. Get on to scuba diving, snorkelling, boat rides, yacht rental, white water rafting, paddling and more with Bali Packages.

Places to see in Bali

The view of the sunrise at Mount Batur is a sight to behold. Hike onto this mountain top. Explore the active volcano here. Take a tour of the caldera formed by the volcano and know more about it.  Visit the hot spring and enjoy swinging on the jungle swing. Visit the Balinese coffee plantation around with a guided tour of the place with Bali Packages.

Temple visits

Bali is a place that gives spiritual bliss in equal measure. Bali Packages include visits to the temples to give the much-needed serenity among the hustle-bustle of tourists. Pura Tanah Lot and Batu Bolong, Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Pura Ulun Danu Bratan are a few such temples that call for a visit. The latter is a temple dedicated to the Hindu deities. Experience the waves crashing on the island temple as you sit calmly on the rocky top about 70 meters above sea level. One caution is to dress appropriately for any temple tour in Bali. 

Bali has more to uncover for tourists. Visit the rice plantations in terraced form, Ubud Monkey Forest, and Bali Botanic garden. See the Kecak dance performances at Uluwatu temple, taste the local cuisine at food joints and simply enjoy the stunning landscape view of this island abode. 

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A little to the southwest of the Indian peninsula is the archipelago of Maldives. It is spread among the 26 atolls or chains of islands that constitute the place. A very popular destination among celebrities for a peaceful getaway. It is also visited by several casual tourists comprising family vacationers, couples and solo travellers. The Maldives reminds us of the blue clear waters, luxury resorts and great scenic views of the Indian Ocean. For every kind of visitor, Maldives packages from India have many ways of making the trip memorable.

Places to visit

Male the capital city is the port of entry to the Maldives. This buzzing city has beautiful places to explore. These are the natural getaways formed by lagoons, lined up with palm grooves. They portray the natural beauty of this north atoll. There are lush green parks, heritage museums and the Old Friday Mosque to get a feel of the place and its culture. 

Male has an artificial beach where all kinds of water sports can be enjoyed. Snorkelling, scuba diving, and underwater scooter rides are some of them in Maldives packages. The Manta Point, Nazimo Thila, Kani Corner and Shark Point are some attractions here. Carnivals are often a great tourist pull. There are performances by music bands during the evenings that add to the vibrancy of this place.

Addu city, the southernmost part is an atoll next only to Male. The second largest city of Maldives has scenic getaways, beaches lined up with coconut trees. It comprises 6 islands, all inhabited and connected by causeways where tourists can enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery. Maldives packages will guide on the historical significance since the British period as a naval base in 1941.

Vadhoo Island is a must visit island when you are in the Maldives. The beauty of this island is stunning. What’s more interesting is the sea after sunset. Tiny phytoplanktons glow and radiate in the seawater. Tourists will get to see more of this natural phenomenon of bioluminescence offshore while cruising. This beach is simply wonderful. 

The Vadhoo island in the Maldives packages offers opportunities for water sports such as kayaking, and scuba diving to experience the thriving sea creatures in their natural habitat. Other activities to indulge in here are spa treatments at the resorts and candlelight dinners by the beach. 

The Maldives have many more mesmerizing islands to explore within this archipelago. Visit the place for its natural beauty and plenty of water activities that one can engage in to remember the trip forever. 

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