Top 10 Perks of Living in Mumbai Suburbs

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The perks of living in India’s financial capital are plenty. Whether you live in a quaint little studio in Navi Mumbai or a 3 BHK in Kalyan, Mumbai’s suburbs come with their benefits, setting them apart from their neighbouring giant. And they are strategically located, affordable, provide access to excellent educational opportunities, and are safer and more secure. Let’s enumerate the benefits of life in Mumbai’s suburbs: 

  1. More affordable housing options: A major perk of living in the suburbs is that one can easily afford a 2 BHK in Thane or a 3 BHK flat in Kalyan. The cost of living in this area is significantly lower than in Mumbai. This means that one can get more value for their money. This allows one to enjoy the benefits of living in Mumbai without having to shell out an exorbitant amount. The suburbs of the Populous City offer a wider variety of housing options at more affordable prices compared to the city centre.
  2. Less pollution: The suburbs of Mumbai generally have less pollution and traffic, providing a cleaner and more peaceful living environment.
  3. More green spaces and a quieter environment: The suburbs of Mumbai often have more parks and open spaces, providing residents with more opportunities to enjoy nature and engage in outdoor activities. Living in the suburbs often means less noise and a more peaceful environment.
  4. More family-friendly: The suburbs of Mumbai are often more family-friendly, with better schools, playgrounds and other amenities catering to families.
  5. Proximity to nature and better air quality: Many Mumbai suburbs are near natural reserves, hills and lakes, providing residents with easy access to nature and clean outdoors. The air quality in the suburbs is generally better compared to the city centre, providing a healthier living environment.
  6. Better Connectivity: One of the biggest perks of living in Mumbai Suburbs like Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Kalyan is that they are strategically located. The Kalyan-Dombivali area provides easy access to all the cities and towns in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. This makes it easier for people to commute to and from work. In addition, the area is well-connected to all the other parts of the city, so one can easily travel to the nearby places of interest. Public transportation makes many suburbs well-connected to the city centre and other parts of the city.
  7. More space: Suburban homes often have larger yards, gardens or balconies, providing residents with more space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  8. Community-oriented: The suburbs of Mumbai often have a stronger sense of community, with more opportunities to meet and interact with neighbours.
  9. Safety: Another perk of living in the suburbs is that it is safe and secure. The area has low crime rates, so one can feel comfortable living without fearing being a victim of any criminal activity. This makes it the perfect place to raise a family.
  10. Education: The last perk of living in Mumbai Suburbs is that it provides access to excellent educational opportunities. The area is home to some of the best schools in the city, as well as several universities and colleges. This makes it easier for families to provide their children with quality education.

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