Things That You Should Do Before and After House Shifting in A New City 

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Are you planning to relocate your home to a new city? For this, you have already hired a reliable packers and movers company in your city. But, what next? Is a packer and mover agency the only thing you need for a flawless moving experience or is there something else that you are supposed to do for a hassle-free move? Yes, there are several things that a relocator needs to do before and after house shifting to have the best household move.

We will see the things one by one that you should do before and after moving your home to a new city. Here we will start with the things that you should do before moving the house.

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Things to do before moving into a new house in a new city

Plan and prepare a checklist

Planning things is a key to success. Thus, you must plan your move if you want to have a successful household move. From deciding the moving date to things that you will bring to your new house, everything should be pre-planned. And accordingly, make a checklist. Decide on the services you will be needing and also the things that you don’t. This will help you prepare for the move in the most strategic way.

Inform the house owner

It is a norm to inform homeowners or landlords about your relocation. In apartments for rent in Seattle, a tenant must give 30 days’ notice or as mentioned in the rental agreement to her landlord. This is what helps the homeowner find the appropriate occupant for his property before you leave so that he will not face any loss. So, notify your landlord as soon as you know you are moving to a new city.

Pay all your dues

If you have any dues then clear them before moving out of the house. Clearing your debts will help you have a clear idea of your budget. You will know how much pence you have to spend on your move and you can set your budget. So, pay your internet bills, dish cable, newspaper bills, and utility bills.

Set your moving budget

If you don’t want to make your household move a splurge for you then set your moving budget in advance. The best way to save money during house shifting is to set the moving budget in advance. This will help you know how much you can spend and where your budget is exceeding. But for this, you should know what services you need and how much they will cost. So, to know the approximate moving charges, you can use the packers and movers cost calculator tool. This will help you determine the cost of your move based on the details you have submitted.

Get quotations from multiple movers and packers

If you are looking for the cheapest packers and movers in Bangalore, Mumbai, or anywhere in India then get moving estimates from different removal companies. This way, you can compare packers and movers charges and hire the one that fits your budget.

Don’t buy groceries unnecessarily

You should limit the way you buy your monthly grocery in your scheduled moving month. Because this will only increase the burden of moving the groceries. It is always good to finish them before moving out of the house. So, buy only what is needed.

Donate or sell things

Get rid of unwanted things by donating them or selling them. You can sell the goods online where you will find good buyers. And if you don’t have that much time, then simply call an NGO who will come to pick up those things from your residence and will take away them for the needy people.

Set the moving date and inform movers

Your moving date plays a vital role in determining the moving cost and the timely delivery of your belongings because peak hours and season might affect both price and time. Hence, it’s important to choose the right date and inform your movers accordingly.

Change address

Change your residential address 2 weeks before you move.

Label the boxes

Labeling your boxes helps you in many ways. You can easily keep records of your belongings. Also, it will help while unboxing things and finding a particular item from the stack of boxes.

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Things to Do After Shifting Into the New House

Now, let’s see the things that you should do after moving into a new city

Inform your landlord

It is important to inform your new landlord that you have shifted into the house to avoid any kind of shifting conflict.

Click pictures and videos of the new house

Before you enter the house with all your belongings, make videos and click pictures of the house to keep a record of its condition. This will prevent you in the future from any accusation of damage that you haven’t done.

Instruct the movers to do their job

If you have also booked packers and movers in Marathahalli services for rearranging your stuff in the new house then guide the movers accordingly. They will place the boxes and other items accordingly. Instruct them where to install the AC, TV, etc.

Check the goods

Movers don’t take the charge of damaged goods or missing boxes once they left the place until you have insured your goods. If you have transit insurance, you will have to inform your movers about the condition of your goods within the validity period. Check the goods and see if everything has been delivered safely or not.

Unpack the important goods

If your movers are not going to rearrange things for you then do not unpack everything but start with the important goods instead. See what you need and open the boxes accordingly. Just take your time to settle down in your house.

Set up kids’ room first

Moving with kids can be a very hectic task. You should start unpacking and rearranging the goods from your kids’ room. This way, you will keep your children away from disturbing you while arranging things in your new house.

Meet your neighbors

Introduce yourself to your neighbors once you are settled in your new house. They are the ones who can help you find a local grocery shop, nearby restaurants, goods places to explore, etc. So, meet them and let them know you are their neighbor and are ready to accept their community rules.

Know your new city

If you don’t know much about your new town then now is the time to do so. Explore some beautiful places and meet new people. See how you will commute from your home to your office and vice-versa. Check how locals live, learn the regional language, try out the special cuisines of the city, etc.

Final note

Relocating to a new city could be challenging but this shouldn’t be too burdensome for you. Therefore, I shared all the important that you should do before and after your move which will make your move flawless. And always take the help of professional packers and movers in your city to have the best moving experience.

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