Kangana, Kangana, Kangana!

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Bangles are beautiful accessories that accentuate your wrists. You will find every woman wearing these gorgeous embellishments called Kangans. These are a part of Solah Sringara of every married woman; therefore, most married women wear them on a daily basis. Candere offers a wide range of gold bangles for women. The impeccable designs of gold bangles are bound to steal your heart.

Let us explore the myriad of options of gold bangles for women at Candere:

Handmade Bangles

Handmade jewellery is not only a piece of jewellery, but it tells a story of unique craftsmanship. Handmade bangles take a lot of time to get ready and represent something meaningful. The intricate details and finesse of these bangles can leave anyone spellbound. They have beautiful carvings and are embellished gemstones, Kundan or Meenakari.

Machinemade Bangles

Machine-made bangles take an upper edge over others with their versatility. They have designs and structures that can be easily made using machinery. Machines have come into the picture over the last few years. These are lightweight and easy to carry every day. 

Stone bangles

The stone bangles are generally good in weight and have beautiful gemstones ingrained in them. They can have uncut diamonds and solitaires, Kundan and many more carved into 22k gold. These bangles look very good with traditional attires. You can pair them with other diamond bangles or just throw them in a pair on each hand.

Cuff Bangles

Cuff bangles are more like bracelets that are generally worn in one hand because they are massive in size. These have mesh-like designs that are worth drooling over. The unique designs make them very popular among young girls who like to dress up but do not want to overdo the jewellery part.

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Kada is also a type of bangle that is worn by both men and women. Men and women of the Sikh religion like to wear a Kada all the time as their submission to the Almighty. Candere offers an exclusive range of finely crafted Kada that will be wearable in day-to-day lives. It has a round structure with an embellishment in the middle. It can also have solitaires and Kundan.

Bangles are an inseparable part of a woman’s life. They come in different sizes and designs that can complement your look beautifully. Candere has a wide range of bangles that you can wear at festivities, parties, casual occasions, formal dinners or at your wedding. Gokhroo and Gajra are two traditional designs in bangles that are bound to steal your heart at first look. You can also get bangles customized in rose gold and white gold. The soft and subtle look of these bangles makes them amazing for daily wear or office wear. Stack up your wrists, ladies, with gorgeous gold bangles and make a fashion statement like no other!

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