Instant Guide To Plan A Rocking Sleep-Over For Cousins

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Summer vacations are on the go, and so are the constant notifications in the cousins group for planning the sleepover. Indeed, this is the most exciting part of the vacations when all the cousins are arriving to nani ghar and mausi’s house to do the crazy family shizz. 

But are you the one hosting the party for all at home? if 

Beverages To Stay Awake

Out of the ten cousins in the family, there will still be that one cousin who sleeps by ten. But this is not allowed on a night stay. Isn’t it? So, head online straight and the first thing to do is get some strong beverages to keep each one alive, comfortable and in the mood to share the horror stories. For this, pick the option for “grocery delivery near me” and order the beverages to lit the mood. How about dark coffee to keep the eyes wide open at night? The grocery stores online give several coffee options to pick the best one. Make your choice and get the best results. 

A Mandate Maggie Feast

Every family has the eldest sister making maggie for all and making sure that the little one does not get less. So, order enough quantity of maggie packets that will feed every elder to younger cousin in the family. You can even look for the option of “grocery delivery near me” where they serve packs of noodles too. The quantity is enough for a large number of people. So, order online and even increase or decrease the quantity with the fluctuating minds of so many people. Do go for veggies and seasonings too for making innovations to maggie. 

Dry Fruits For Munching Because Mother Says So

Though cousins are the born best friends but parents have already gone through a lot of family drama. At this point, there should not be any loophole left in serving the kids of a huge family. And what can be a better way to celebrate at this point with dry fruits? Visit the online platform for “grocery delivery near me” and you will find everything from raisins to dates online itself. Shop what everyone likes and your cousins will be the happiest being treated kingly at your place.

Coke And Chips For The Movie Night And Haunted Stories

It all starts with a movie and ends with the haunted story happened in your friends’ cousins’ friends childhood. Indeed, scary stories have no end and come out only when the cousins are around. To enjoy this most awaited moment of the night, coke and chips are mandatory. Every person with a bowl in hand, coke glass, focus on the stories and an instant blow of wind scaring the roots out of all, this is how the night is supposed to be. Here the online grocery store nearest to you can save the moment with delivering the chips and coke in the soonest hour. 

A Kurkure Salad For Something Crazy

Doing a food blunder at night is compulsory. This is what you will think about today and laugh tomorrow. So, this time you can keep it fun and keep it clean too with preparing something with an almost cooked ingredient. Just like kurkure salad. All you have to do is look for a grocery delivery store near me that can serve all types of kurkure, giving you enough options to choose from. And then! Visit insta, find out the recipe and make the salad that your cousins will go crazy for. 

Chocolates For All

While the little ones are being roasted by the elders, it is only chocolates that can prevent them from crying. So, if you are planning to shop by entering “grocery delivery near me” online then you must definitely add some nicer chocolates in the cart. This will lighten your mood and give you another reason to share, tease and enjoy the moment. 

This is how cousin’s sleep over in India are. And the grocery delivery stores have made it all the more convenient for the party hosts and guests. Here is how. 

Get It Delivered Right At Home

The foremost benefit of going online and typing “grocery delivery near me” is that the nearest grocery stores head up, to offer delivery straight to your home. The best part is you do not have to hustle to the market at 4 pm for the preparations of 8 pm. Instead, you just have to visit online, order, and everything will be at your door in just an hour. 

Can Take Opinions From All

No fights of I will take his, I want what he is eating or I don’t want this. Instead, you can simply take everyone’s opinion, place the order and get the stuff delivered to your home. No prior shopping and no fuss on what you have, everyone gets what they need. 

Are Available Even Late At Night

Be it at 10 pm or be it at 1 pm online grocery stores like Swiggy Instamart are available at every time. So, you get everything with the changing mood and at any time.