Diamond Facial – A Luxury Spa Treatment You Must Do At Home

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All women adore diamonds. Did you know that they’re more than pricey, gleaming jewellery? Diamonds are also beneficial to your skin. Yes, diamonds are increasingly employed in products to develop radiant skin. Still not convinced? Try a diamond facial! A party facial kit with diamonds as its prime ingredient is one of the most opulent facial treatments available at many high-end cosmetic establishments. Lotus Herbals brings it for you at home with its RADIANT DIAMOND Cellular Radiance Salon Grade Single FACIAL KIT. A diamond facial is ideal for dull, dry skin. It also helps to decrease wrinkles and fine lines, providing several anti-ageing effects. The following are some advantages of diamond facial.


When choosing a diamond facial kit, ensure that it only contains natural ingredients. The best diamond facial kits must have these two ingredients:

Diamond Dust

Diamond dust tends to set on the skin and stay for long. The Diamond dust brightens up the skin from within and lets any external light reflect on the skin. The reflection of light reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in giving your skin an even skin tone making it look youthful.


Cinnamon has antioxidant and antifungal properties, which help in reducing the marks and blemishes on the skin, giving you an even skin tone. The scars left after an acne outbreak tend to heal from the antioxidants present in cinnamon. It also helps prevent the clogging of pores from the excessive oil secretion on the facial skin.

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Benefits of a Diamond radiant facial kit

Helps in exfoliating 

Diamond facials, a revolutionary face treatment invention, offer exfoliating and rejuvenating characteristics. The diamond facial kit works as microdermabrasion. It helps eliminate the buildup of dead skin cells and sloughs off the cells that have begun to produce excess oil. This process helps improve the health of the skin and its appearance. It also has anti-ageing qualities, which can aid with wrinkle reduction and skin purification. The use of a diamond facial increases the skin’s metabolic activities, promoting cellular renewal.

Treats damaged skin

A diamond facial is your one-stop answer for all your skin troubles, whether you have dry skin or suffer from excessive tanning. It efficiently addresses all of your issues while also giving your skin the radiance it deserves. It even gets rid of those annoying blackheads and whiteheads that appear on oily or combination skin.

Prevents skin infections

Do you have acne, pimples, or frequent breakouts? A diamond facial is your best buddy. It aids in the unclogging of clogged pores caused by pollutants and dust. A diamond facial helps unclog the pores, remove blackheads, and clear acne, leaving the skin spotless. It provides your skin with a much-needed radiance. The healing properties of cinnamon work together with the antioxidants present in diamond to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture and heal breakouts.

Rejuvenates your skin

After a diamond facial, your skin will be more responsive to your existing skincare regime. When your pores are blocked, the products you use may not have the desired impact since they can’t penetrate further. A diamond facial eliminates the problem. It improves the permeability of the skin and its absorption capacity.

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How to do a Diamond Facial at home

Step 1: Cleanser

The diamond cleanser should be used to wash your face first. Take a pea-size amount of cleanser on your fingers and massage it gently on your skin. After a few minutes of massaging, rinse it off. Dry your face with a towel.

Step 2: Activator

Apply a few drops of the activator on your face and neck. Spread the activator all over the face and massage it gently till it’s completely absorbed in the skin.

Step 3: Massage cream

The massage cream is the source for replenishing skin cells. After cleansing your skin with the help of a cleanser and applying the activator, you may follow up with the massage cream. Take a good amount of massage cream and apply it to your face and neck. Gently massage the facial whitening cream on the skin till it is completely absorbed into the skin. This process will help increase blood circulation and give you a healthy glow.

Step 4: Mask

After massaging the skin with massage cream, all the pores in the skin are open and clean. To tighten up these pores, we use the mask. Apply a layer of the mask to the face and neck. Make sure the layer is neither very thin nor too thick. After evenly spreading the mask on the skin, leave it dry for 10-15 minutes. Wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth or a wet tissue. Do not wash off the skin directly with water for best results.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a full-time job, are working in retail, or simply have a lot of work to get done- a diamond facial kit is your best bet and an affordable way to get all your skin problems under control. It’s the perfect facial if you won’t get rid of dullness, invigorate tired skin, eliminate scars and blemishes and get glowing skin.

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