5 Best Omega Watches For 2021

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Omega watches have already built a legacy for their outstanding performance throughout their century-long operation as the luxury watchmaking brand. It has gained the people’s trust, which leads to its countless achievements like having the first watch on space and from being worn to the Olympics. 

The company continues to strive for excellence in its wristwatches throughout its dominance to continuously provide its customers the classic designs they want without sacrificing the sturdiness and the overall quality of the watch. It is an affordable wristwatch for many with the style and quality to boot. 

1. Omega Speedmaster

Omega watches are known for their classic designs, and features vary from every collection. This watch from the Speedmaster series boasts a black tachymeter bezel on the top of the black dial adorned with three other subdials responsible for 12 hours, 30 minutes, and 60 seconds counters. 

The appearance of this speaks volumes with its classical design. Even though many competitors have appeared throughout the decades, Omega remains widely known and sought by collectors and lovers. It is evidence of its century-long effort to build its legacy and dominance worldwide.

2. Omega Seamaster Men’s Watch

Seamaster does not pale in comparison with the Speedmaster’s timepiece above. Omega Seamaster aims to emphasize and bring out the user’s manly presence by utilizing bulging designs and enlarged index markers. Seamaster is known to be made with extreme water activities in mind since it has a specified feature. 

The thick black dive bezel of the watch helps further shift the focus of the eye to the deep black dial embellished with toned arrow index markers and hands. Roman numerals combined with arrow index markers also add a sense of uniqueness and rareness in terms of the watch’s overall design. 

Users can enjoy water activities without worrying about the Seamaster on their wrists with its higher water-resistant capacity than other Omega watches from other collections. Omega aims to allow the users to enjoy their most desired active hobbies while wearing their favorite outfits. 

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3. Omega Seamaster Nekton Edition Men’s Watch

Compared to the above Seamaster watch, this watch seems to be entirely different in terms of design. While the first Seamaster piece emphasizes the robust quality, Nekton Edition Seamaster appears to capture the clean look with its silver-white dive bezel to fit right in its stainless steel case and bracelet band for protection and comfort of the users. 

It still has its enlarged round index markers and silver hands on the top of its black dial with the wave line designs. The caliber on the Omega 8806 for time-telling precision can maintain in operation for up to 55 hours. This Seamaster can submerge into the water for up to 300 meters or almost a thousand feet, allowing it to survive extreme water sports activities. 

Equip yourself with the necessary things you need to enjoy the things that you love doing. This Seamaster watch allows you that much. Without worrying about the state of your watch while helping you with its dive bezel, you can enjoy water activities as long as you like while wearing it. 

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4. Omega De Ville Men’s Watch

Do you seek a more classic look from the Omega watches? Do not worry, Omega watch has its De Ville collections for you. Cleanliness, sophistication, elegance, and features, De Ville, has it all with its classic beauty perfect for formal and even informal occasions. The watch did not sacrifice its high water-resistant quality, even with its high design level.

The watch is made of a stainless steel case to protect the watch’s body and leather for the comfort of wearing it as its bracelet band. It has a power reserve of 60 hours, which is considered longer than any other ordinary watch. 

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5. Omega Constellation Ladies Watch

Cater to your wife or girlfriend’s needs and wake up the royalty in them with this Omega Watch for the Constellation collections. It screams elegance and royalness with its diamond bezel encircling the watch and highlights the peach rose-gold dial adorned with dauphine hands and baton index markers. 

The glossy designs of its bracelet band are coupled with the rose-colored plating on the bracelet joints for looks without compromising the comfort of the users. Stainless steel made up the majority of the timepiece from the case to the bracelet band, as it can maintain protection and comfort at the same time. 

Be sure to grab one of these coming valentine’s and surprise your wife with elegance. Its diamond bezel exhibits a different aura compared to the other watches and focuses on the watch’s designs and appearance. 


Omega watches balance the watch’s design and quality as it is essential to possess both of these. First, the design captures the audience’s attention, making them want it, and second, the quality is sought because people consider watches for long-term use once they buy them. 

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