11 Different Types Of Offers & Discounts At Online Sites

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Marketers use a few best practices to attract customers at large. It is not a new strategy being adopted but an effective strategy to target a large customer. There are different types of discounts, deals, and offers available online shopping. For example- If you visit a clothing shop and there is Valentine’s day offer, Holi offer going on, you will check the items to get the best pricing deal. Many customers like to save their penny from discounts, offers, and more.

Here are different types of offers, discounts, deals in details that would be beneficial for you when shopping online

1. Cash Discount

The most popular form of discount is cash discount. The seller offers a cash discount in terms of a small percentage or dollar to attract the customer. For example- 20% off on T-shirts or 30% off on jeans. Marketers use this strategy to make the customers aware it is limited for a certain time. If customers don’t avail of the discounted offer at the right moment, the chances remain less. That’s why when you shop online and the time is running fast it used to show the customers only this much time is left in ending discount.

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2. Free shipping

You might have seen when shopping online that numerous websites add shipping costs along with the products you save at cart. To avoid paying shipping costs, shoppers try to add more and more items in a cart to become eligible for free shipping. The same is the case when shoppers use the Mamaearth discount code, they take a benefit of two things at a time. First, they try to grab the products at a less price, and, they won’t pay any shipping cost at the time of arrival of products.

3. Value-added offers

Many websites uses value-added offers. The time when marketers do not want to reduce the price and try to sell their products. They use the value-added strategy by providing a gift on a purchase. For example- You might have experienced when a shopkeeper has made you feel to grab the beauty products at a full cost and grab a gift from our side. Such a strategy of shopkeepers makes the customer feel beloved as they get complimentary items with the product together.

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4. Feedback offers

Feedback plays an important part in gauging customer’s experience. It tells the customer as they are important to them and their opinions make a huge difference. Feedback is also helpful for the companies if any change is required. Various online websites motivate large customers by providing feedback offers such as coupon codes that they can use in a future purchase.

5. Special deals on special occasions

The online websites as well as online stores try to put their efforts when retaining a customer for a long. The customers are nowadays brand conscious and have loyalty towards a brand. The reason behind this is the effort and service of the brand towards the customer. Therefore, if there is your birthday, anniversary, the brands try to Email you will well wish and offers a great deal for you to make a purchase. Such strategies work if you have brand loyalty.

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6. Early-bird discounts

If you are thinking of setting your product line online then it would never be too late to decide on strategies including discounts and offers. At the initial stage, you also want to have more customers of the product and for that, you can provide a pre-order discount for the first 50 customers. These will create enthusiasm and the spirit of buying the products at a discount.

7. Coupon Giveaway

Sometimes it happens when you shop online no matter jewelry, clothes, antique piece, and if you buy the product up to the limit set, the marketers even provide you a coupon that is valid for some period. This does not only makes the customer feel happy and delighted but they trust the brand offering and their services too.

8. Engagement with first-time customers

Online stores face the situation where the customer who has first purchase the product from their store hasn’t returned back. It might be because of so many reasons. To make the customer aware of their service and to maintain a long relationship, marketers try to message the customers who are inactive at the moment. Such messages are being sent from the online stores at the time of discounts, offers, and other deals.

9. Prestige pricing strategy

How one can forget the smart pricing strategy name prestige by the marketers when selling products online. You will find various online stores that charge prestige pricing. For example- Rs9,999 or Rs799. Such pricing is nothing but confuses the customer and when purchasing an item, they feel it is too less than Rs 10,000 or 800, which psychology not.

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10. Seasonal discount

If you are planning for a vacation, then always book a hotel at the time of summer seasons, or winter. During that period, the hotel that is running low on sales or thinking of their price hike offers discounts to the visitors. The tourists can take huge advantage of this factor and enjoy their vacation soundly.

11. Buy 1 Get 1

The reason behind using such a strategy is to entice the customer for buying 1 inventory item to get 1 free. This tactic made by the marketer works on the customers.

To conclude

Online shopping not only provides ease or comfort in one’s life but makes a person save a bit of their money. Online stores provide discounts, offers, and amazing deals on various occasions to attract customers at large and to build their revenue and customer loyalty. These offers, discounts are for a limited time and that makes the customer buy instantly. Thus, online websites are effective when it comes to the types of discounts that are available to a larger segment.

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