Top 11 Flipkart Big Billion Days And Amazon Great Indian Festival offers 2023 That You Don’t Want To Miss

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The Flipkart Big Billion Day and Amazon Great Indian Festival Sales are about to come and they are offering huge discounts on lots of products like every year. This year they are offering huge discounts on many products out of which we have listed the top 10 below.

Top 11 discounts on Big Billion Day & Great Indian Festival

1. iPhone 11

Amazon is offering a huge discount on the iPhone 11 and the product will be priced between 45000 to 50000 which is a huge discount. Flipkart is also offering discounts on iPhone XR and iPhone SE but none of them can compete with the discount offered by Amazon on the iPhone 11.

2. PlayStation 4

Flipkart and Amazon sales both are going to offer a huge discount on ps4 and it will be priced between 22000 to 25000 INR. You can grab this big billion day deal if you want to get a ps4 at a discount.

3. Nikon D5600 Camera

If you want to buy a camera then you should definitely keep an eye on this one as Flipkart is going to offer a huge cut on the Nikon D5600 camera. It costs 53000 and Flipkart is going to offer a price of around 45000 on this one.

4. Acer 5 AN515 Gaming Laptop

This one is big as this laptop costs around 80,000 and Amazon is giving it at a price of around 55000 in the Amazon Indian Festival. Keep an eye on this one if you are looking to buy a laptop.

5. Alexa Smart Speakers & Firestick Tv

Amazon is going to offer great discount deals on these products as well. The price will be around a 40% discount on all their products. In every sale, they offer great pricing on their own brand products.

6. Samsung M series Phones

Amazon is offering great discounts on M series mobiles. M31s at 18500 INR, M31 at 15500 INR, and M21 at 13000inr. These are heavy discounts and one looking to buy Samsung m series mobiles should not miss these.

7. Honor Watch GS Pro

Flipkart Big Billion days are going to offer Honor watch GS Pro at 18000 INR. Those who want to buy a smartwatch should keep an eye on this.

8. LG G8 X Mobile

This one is big as Flipkart is offering a 71% discount on this one. It was priced at 70,000 when launched and LG is selling it at 55,000 INR. In the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale, they are offering it for 20,000 INR only. Don’t miss this one!

9. Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods pro is going to be priced most probably between 15000 to 18000 in Flipkart Big Billion days. It will be a good offer if they are priced at this range.

10. Realme 43 inch Android TV

This will be a limited time offer and it is priced at 20,000 INR. Getting a 43-inch android tv is one of the best options in this sale.

11. Clothing Range

Flipkart and Amazon sales both are going to offer amazing deals on their clothing options which makes it a great time to buy clothes in Flipkart Big Billion day and Amazon Great Indian Festival sales.

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