Government School Teachers Will Be Seen Wearing ID Cards

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Teacher’s Id Card: Till now, employees who used to work in private hospitals, multinational companies, or any other large Private Association like schools made their employees wear ID cards when they were at their workplace. According to the latest sources, the education department has decided to issue ID cards for government school teachers who teach in Government schools of Rajasthan.

ID cards for government teachers

The state deputy speaker of Rajasthan’s teachers association says this decision is very commendable. The state’s deputy speaker says that this card will be multipurpose and it will work as a letter to all the teachers who work in fields. This card will help the parents of students and also the officers who come to school to easily identify the teachers.

He says that similar cards should be issued in private schools as well for the teachers and per dress code should also be applied to all the teachers in both private as well as Government school. If you are a student then you might like these 8 steps to choose a career.

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