Qualcomm And Reliance Jio $97 Million Partnership

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Qualcomm and Reliance Jio have made a deal of $97 million, 730 crores in rupees. Qualcomm, in exchange, is going to take .15% of the stake. It makes one more big investment to join the Reliance Jio group. Qualcomm is one of the most prominent investors globally, which is the latest Reliance Jio news. 

Reliance Jio has made 13 deals in the past few weeks 25.24% of its stakes. With this, Reliance Jio has raised 118,318.45 crore INR till now. All of the investors who have invested in Reliance Jio are the leading investors in the world. 

Jio news

Future investments in Reliance Jio by Intel Capital will invest 1894.50 crores in exchange of 0.39% of stakes of Reliance Jio stocks. They will be there according to the latest Reliance Jio news. 

What is Qualcomm? 


Qualcomm is a chipset used in smartphones (mostly snapdragon) and is used by many leading smartphone manufacturing companies. They have the most patents in India. Their technology is used on various platforms other than smartphones, such as automobiles and computers. 

The location of their headquarters is in San Diego, California. Their most popular chipset in snapdragon. 

Other Investors in Reliance Jio 

Jio investors

Big investment companies such as Saudi sovereign wealth fund, Saudi Arabia’s PIF, General Atlantic, Abu Dhabi state fund, and KKR have invested in Reliance Jio.

Facebook has invested 43,574 crore INR in Reliance Jio in exchange for 9.99% of Jio stocks.

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