Pubg Ban In India

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Pubg banned in India. Indian Government has decided to make a digital strike on China Again by banning 118 bans in India again, including one of India’s most popular gaming apps called Pubg. Pubg is very popular in India among youngsters, and they are not very happy with this decision on the Indian Government. 

is pubg banned

There have been many reports of murders, violence, behavior complaints in children from parents, accidental deaths, and severe addiction. The Government has decided to take a decisive step by banning pubg in India with 117 other Chinese apps as well.

ban pubg

To control the addiction of pubg in students, youngsters, and children, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the ban of Pubg with other Chinese apps. Pubg ban in India is also because of concerns regarding national Security reasons are another concern due to which the Indian Government has decided to ban pubg and 117 more Chinese apps in India.

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