Is Pubg Banned In India ? Indian Government To Ban More Chinese Apps

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The Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps last month, and they are considering banning 47 more Chinese Apps in India for the Indian National Security. Pubg is very popular among the youth, and the Government is considering banning Pubg. The Pubg ban has got a crazy response from the Indian people as it is trendy.

is pubg banned

Is Pubg Banned? Pubg Ban

ban pubg

There are various questions such as is pubg banned and many questions related to Pubg ban news, which revolve around the internet, and the answer is no. The Government is considering banning more Chinese apps. There are 47 Chinese apps on the list which are going to be banned in India for now.

There are 276 more apps in the Indian Government list, which could be banned if found violating the national security guidelines.

chinese apps ban

Many popular Chinese apps were banned, such as TikTok and Alibaba in India, and many other apps, such as pubg, could soon join the list.

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