Painless disk replacement surgery

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The Healthcare sector is progressing the most by providing world-class treatments worldwide. The services offered by this sector are impeccable as doctors, nurses, and other staffs are always on their toes to assist the patients. From accurate and immediate diagnosis to painless surgeries, up to some extent,

Certain diseases can be cured. The first step to start treatment is the correct diagnosis of the problem and the determination its root cause, this is the foundation and the most important step on which other steps rely. Most of the hospitals are equipped with imported machines and equipment to carry out the procedure.

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A common problem observed in elderly and obese people is disk pain. People with continuous sitting and lack of proper rest often face such problems. Also, poor posture and lifting heavy weights are some of the risk factors. To deal with the trouble, disk replacement in Singapore is the best alternative to get rid of the pain. Certain disc problems might go away with time with proper rest and exercise, but some might prolong for a longer duration causing endless pain while sitting, standing, and walking. 

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Certain aspects associated with disk replacement are as follows

  • Disk replacement is advancement in the healthcare sector that can cure terrible pain by just inserting a gadget in the back.
  • The ultimate goal is to maintain the back motion while relieving the back pain. Before opting for disk replacement surgery, the doctor finds the suitability of the patient for the treatment by carrying out certain tests including MRI, X-Ray, CT Scans, etc., and the patient should not have had past major surgery on or near the same body part, and there should not be any back deformity. 
  • Different sizes and disk designs are available with an ultimate goal to retain the function of a normal intervertebral disk and to encourage motion in every direction. The disk contains shock-absorbing properties due to elastic embedded in it promoting stability and comfortable movement.
  • Depending on the body part where the disk has to be inserted, metal or plastic are used in knee and hip replacements. Post-surgery the patients are advised for bed rest and are kept in the hospital for few days.

The hospital staffs encourage the patients to start moving on the first-day post-surgery. Physiotherapy and basic exercises are performed that also include walking and stretching. It is recommended to avoid over-exertion for a speedy recovery. The body is prone to infection after surgery, doctors advise careful

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Cleaning and prescribe antibiotics to minimize the risk of spread of infection. As time passes by the body starts healing and becomes more active. 

Thousands of patients worldwide have been treated with artificial disc replacement in Singapore and the results have been positive. The patients were able to recover at a normal rate and could feel the difference. It is a pain-free and safe treatment with long-lasting results giving relief from endless pain. For this treatment to be successful the root cause of the trouble has to be determined and a complete medical check-up has to be conducted before the treatment. 

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