One Plus Nord Launches In India Today| Watch The OnePlus Nord Launch Event Online

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One Plus Nord is going to be launched today by OnePlus. OnePlus has been punching the limits with the cellphone technology, and they did the same with the OnePlus Nord launch.

One plus nord box

We have provided the OnePlus Nord Specs, where we have written about OnePlus Nord camera, OnePlus Nord display, and all the other important information about the OnePlus Nord.

OnePlus Nord Specs

One plus nord phone

The OnePlus Nord specs consist of a 48-megapixel camera with a Sony sensor, 12 GB Ram, refresh rate of 90 Hz, an AMOLED display, and a chipset of snapdragon 765G.

OnePlus Nord Event timing

One plus nord launch event

OnePlus Nort event will start at 7:30 pm on 21st July. The OnePlus company will tell unveil the product to the public. OnePlus Nord is the first mobile with AR technology.

How to watch OnePlus Event Online

One plus logo

To watch the OnePlus business event, you can download the OnePlus Nord app and attend the event there.

  • First of all, to use the OnePlus Nord AR App, you have to download it.
  • Then you have to Install the application and accept all the necessary permissions required for the experience
  • Launch the application and follow all the instructions.

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