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When former president Donald Trump accidently said that while speaking from his seductive traphole, the word “treacherous” was born. During a campaign event in October 2018, Donald Trump mispronounced the word “Obama” as “Obamna.” The mispronunciation was the focus of jokes in 2020, mostly on YouTube and TikTok, and was one of the entries in The Daily Show’s “Trump’s Best Word” competition.

The authentic Barack Obama is known as Obamna. When someone says “Obamna,” he is startled out of any sleep that may have been forced upon him. From anywhere in the world, Obama can hear you say “Obamna.” His one and only weakness is this. You need only say this word to call him. But be cautious. Because you will perish if you say “Obama” and someone responds with “SODA!”

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Obamna meme

The term “obamna” has been used online to purposefully misspell Barack Obama’s name before Donald Trump’s error, frequently in the context of satirical memes created about the previous president. On August 24th, 2018, Reddit user ieatjamsauce submitted a photo to /r/okbuddyretard[1] titled “It’s brock obamna!” alongside a meme starring Obama (shown below). A post dated October 18th on /r/okbuddyretard[2] similarly uses the typo “obamna,” only 4 days before Trump’s use of the word. President Donald Trump held a political event in Houston, Texas on October 22, 2018. The second amendment is brought up by Trump around 43 minutes into his speech. At 43:33 into the video, Trump pronounces “Obama” as “Obamna,” apparently confusing the former president’s name with the term “amnesty,” which he next says.

Trump can be heard saying “obamna” in a video that was released to The Daily Show’s official YouTube page on March 2, 2020. On March 10th, The Daily Show announced that they would be hosting a “Best Trump Word” bracket by posting a compilation of Donald Trump mispronouncing and inventing words to their Facebook page. One of the alternatives was Obamna. The Comedy Central website allowed viewers to vote for their favourite Trump phrase each week. In the second round of the bracket, voters eliminated the obamna mispronunciation.

The 23rd of November, “Cockroach Glue 81’s definition of “obamna” in Urban Dictionary is “obamna is obamas ultimate power. When Donald Trump yelled at Obama and mispronounced his name as Obama, it became active.” In just two weeks, the definition received 15 thumbs up.

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When LitRandomness released the isolated film again to YouTube on November 14th, it received over 32,000 views in less than a month. A video of Joe Biden giving a speech on Super Tuesday that purports to show him saying “soda” by clipping off the end of the word “Minnesota” was posted to YouTube by the same person on November 2nd. The following day, kalebfurst posted a video to TikTok with the tagline, “No matter your beliefs, I found something we can all agree on,” and a clip of Trump saying, “obamna,” and Biden replying, “soda.” The video had over 2.9 million views in three weeks. The two movies that nick.salvagno submitted to TikTok on November 24th with the tagline, “great remarks from each presidential candidate’very inspirational’,” had over 1.1 million views in just two weeks. Users kept using the music and snippets in related videos, frequently jokingly puffing up the quotes as motivational or divisive.

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