NIOS Cancels Class 10th And 12th Board Exams| HRD Ministry Tweets

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NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling), also known for open schooling, cancels board exams 2020 due to coronavirus. The HRD ministry canceled these NIOS board exams, and a tweet conveyed the message by the same.

They say they have kept the health of students at first rather than exams. These National Open School exams were scheduled to be taken in July.

NIOS Exams

The NIOS exams of 10th and 12th were scheduled on 24th march 2020 earlier before lockdown. The NIOS exams were postponed after lockdown, which was later canceled by HRD Ministry.

Why are NIOS Exams canceled?

NIOS board

As per the HRD Ministry, the coronavirus outbreak is the reason for exam cancelation and concern of students’ health. They say students’ health is kept first rather than exams in NIOS( National Institute of Open Schooling).

How will the results be evaluated?

HRD ministry

As per the HRD Ministry, NIOS Board results will be declared by the committee based on an evaluation plan made by the HRD Ministry for the open schooling.

For more information you can visit NIOS( National Institute of Open Schooling) website


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