New Education Policy 2020| New 5+3+3+4 System Established Replacing 10+2 System

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The Center Government has approved new education policy. According to this new education policy draft 2020, the Human Resource Development will be called the Ministry of Education. Also, the 10+2 system of education has been abolished in this new education policy in India.

new education policy 2020

There is a new format in this new education policy 2020 (NEP) where the system is divided into a new arrangement of 10+2 and 5+3+3+4. In this new education policy system, the first five years in the school will have pre-primary schooling for three years, and the foundation stage will include class 1 and class 2. Further, there will be a division for the next three years, the preparation phase for the 3 to 5 classes in the new education policy(NEP).


A middle stage will be formed for classes 6 to 8 there, which will be three years and further a four-year phase for classes 9 to 12, which will be the secondary education. This policy will be great to make a career in any field. There will also not be any restriction for taking streams(Science, Commerce, and arts in the schools. Students can choose any of the courses that they want to take from now on.

education policy

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