4.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Jammu & Kashmir

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According to India’s National Center for Seismology, the Jammu & Kashmir earthquake today was struck in the Jammu and Kashmir in union territory at 12.02 pm. Moreover, there was no immediate report of any damage to their property or their loss of life.

As per the seismology site, the Jammu and Kashmir earthquake had a depth of 10 to 11-km and occurred 73 kilometers in north-northwest of Gulmarg town, in Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, to a Kashmir news website, the tremors caused this panic, prompting several local residents to rush out of their houses due to this J&K Earthquake.

jammu and Kashmir earthquake

All the latest earthquake came days after a 3.6 magnitude earthquake which occurred in their union territory on 22 September at around 12.02pm. An earthquake measuring 4.5 on to the Richter scale appeared in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday. It was of medium-intensity earthquake hit Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday, and there were no reports of any damage or loss of life, officials said. This earthquake of 4.5 magnitude occurred at 12:02 pm at a depth of almost 10 to 11-km. This earthquake will affect various businesses.

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