Indigo Share Price Up By 19% | Here Is Why Stock Price Of Indigo Is Going Up

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indigo airlines share price

Indigo share price increased by a good margin of 8% last week, and this week it has taken a 19% hike in its shares. The aviation industry is one of those industries which is affected the most because of the coronavirus, but the indigo airlines share price has still increased. Indigo is one of those businesses which is preferred by the analysts.

stock price of indigo

There was a recent decision made by Indigo which was to raise funds which made investors invest in Indigo and gave a push to gain a hike of 31% in stocks since March. Indigo stock price has increased a total of 31% since March. Indigo has announced that they are going to raise 4000 crores with the help of equity shares through QIP. It has reported a fall of 92% in their annual revenue this year. Indigo share price today is 1,116.60 with an increase of 19%. Most probably, the indigo future share price in share market is going to increase, which makes it an excellent opportunity to invest in it Indigo.

indigo stock price

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