How The Scammers Steal Your Money: The Case Of Shankha Mitra Fraud

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Shankha Mitra scam: how the fraudsters deceive you 

It is a known fact that the Internet is full of fraudsters and scammers. Some of them act subtly and covertly; others are unscrupulous enough to carry out their criminal operations openly and defiantly. Among the examples of the latter, it is important to pay special attention to the company called Introrix, which positions itself as a fintech organization, frauding users for tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The rules for not being deceived by fraudsters are the same in real life and online. It is worth not having any deals with those counterparties that do not inspire confidence. On the Internet, the trustworthiness of individuals and organizations can be verified by reading the reviews about them left by other users. In this context, the Introrix scam already raises questions for one simple reason: it is almost impossible to find any actual reviews on the company. They are either absent or so superficial that there is no doubt they were written by the company’s employees themselves. This situation is unacceptable for an organization that encourages customers to trust their funds to it. 

Browsing the Internet for any other information about the company, it is difficult to find any constructive data. The World Wide Web contains information about Introrix’s legal specifications and their address (interestingly enough, it changes quite often, which is another red flag). The company positions itself as a multidimensional IT organization that performs various functions. However, undoubtedly, based on information received from people deceived by the company, Introrix financial manipulations is the main source of its income. This fact is even more obvious to those who have conducted more in-depth research and discovered the biography of Shankha Mitra, the company’s CEO. In the end, it turns out that Introrix is more of a big Shankha Mitra fraud aimed at enriching its CEO and his associates than a fintech company with any slightest reputability. 

Introrix criminals: an audacious fraud scheme 

So how do unsuspecting people fall into the trap of fraudulent schemes? Simply put, Introrix encourages customers to entrust their funds to the company, after which it performs a series of unscrupulous manipulations aimed at seizing these finances. One of the Introrix financial manipulations is as follows: a company collects financial contributions from individuals or organizations by committing to pay them based on the latter’s trading performance. Meanwhile, when it comes to payments, the company declares that, according to the contract, monthly payments are made based on the performance of their counterparties during the least productive week. If, for at least one week, the financial performance of customers was unproductive (which is quite normal in this volatile area), the company appropriates customer funds and refuses to pay them. 

What is it if not a large-scale and openly criminal Introrix pyramid? However, while other pyramids are at least trying to disguise themselves as law-abiding enterprises, Introrix is not

worried about such details. The support service refuses to provide deceived customers with any constructive explanations or to address the issues that arise when people find out that their money will never be returned to them. In this context, the Shankha Mitra scam is even worse than other fraudulent schemes that honest people may encounter online. If they are not afraid to fool people openly and shamelessly lie in their faces, who knows what Introrix criminals will be capable of in the future? 

Scam Shankha Mitra: a criminal CEO 

Investigating Introrix’s numerous fraudulent schemes, it is impossible to ignore its CEO, Shankha Mitra. It would not be an exaggeration to call him an extremely extravagant and interesting character. One of the first results that searching for his name in Google gives you is numerous YouTube videos featuring him. In them, Mitra often drives luxury cars or records music videos with Indian pop stars of various scales. We wonder how many people the company had to fool and deprive of sources of income so that fraud Shankha Mitra could pretend to be a celebrity and live in luxury? It’s scary to imagine how many broken destinies this sybaritic lifestyle is associated with. 

What conclusions can be drawn from all this information? First of all, you should never have anything to do with Introrix criminals, especially if it is in some way related to entrusting them with your finances. It is better to conduct a detailed study of all possible options and choose contractors who really inspire confidence as reliable and conscientious. Second, it is important to spread information about Introrix frauds among friends and acquaintances in order to protect them from adverse experiences in the future. Third, always approach your finances wisely and thoughtfully. The Internet is full of unscrupulous scammers. It is better to be overly cautious today than regretful tomorrow.

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