Engineer’s Day 2023

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On 15th September, engineer’s day is celebrated in India, which is a very special day for all engineers in India. 15th September is the birthday of M Visvesvaraya Ji. He was a politician as well as a civil engineer, and he was born on 15th September 1861 in a small all village known as Chikkaballapur taluk, which is located in Kolar district in Mysore, Karnataka.

We wish happy engineers day to all of the engineers in our country and wish them good luck for their future. We have added some beautiful engineers day quotes, engineers day messages, and engineers day WhatsApp status for you to share.

Engineer's day

Engineer’s Day Quotes 

Science is all about knowing; engineering is all about doing. — Henry Petroski, American engineer

Software is an amazing combination of the artistry as well as the engineering. — Co-founder of the Microsoft, Bill Gates

At the heart, engineering as we know is all about the use of science to find the creative and practical solutions. It is a profession which is noble. — Queen Elizabeth II

Everybody says Engineering is so easy that it is just like walking in a park
But only Engineers know that park is called Jurassic Park

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