Dream11 Is New Sponsor Of IPL Replacing Vivo

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Today the BCCI (Board Of Control For Cricket In India) has finally announced that Vivo has been replaced as a sponsor of IPL (Indian Premier League) by a very popular gaming platform in India Dream11. This year the IPL (Indian Premier League) is not going to be held in India, they are going to be held in UAE in the month of September to November.  

They have made a four and a half month deal with IPL with a bid made by them of Rs 222 crore. 


What is Dream11? 

dream11 India

Dream11 is an application on which a person can create a team during a live match with a specific no. of points. You have to compete on Dream11 with millions of people for different price amounts. Dream11 is an amazing business which helps people to enjoy cricket more.

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