Buy Cheap Gold Today | Complete Details | Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

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Gold will be cheaper from today, according to the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme offered by the Modi government to allow people to buy gold at a cheaper price. You can invest in this Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme from today only that is 12th October to 16th October. In this scheme, you will not get the gold in physical form.

In this scheme, you will get the gold in electronic gold form and the best part is the purity is not a concern in this offer as the purity can be doubled as it is in electronic form. Also, the gold bond here is going to be tax-free.

Price Per Gram In Sovereign Gold Bank Scheme 

The price will be Rs 5051 per gram in this scheme as guided by the Reserve Bank Of India. 

How to use this scheme?

You can use any commercial bank, post office, National Stock Exchange of India, Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, direct agents, or Bombay Stock Exchange to unveil this offer.

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