Tips to Use Bitcoin in the UFC

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If you are looking to make money with the help of the internet, you might consider using the latest technology, such as bitcoin. This is a great way to get paid, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you start investing in it.


Matheus Nicolau has just signed a contract with a payroll service, Bitwage, which will allow him to receive part of his prize money in Bitcoin. He is one of four Brazilian fighters in tonight’s UFC fight night odds Orlando event.

The 29-year-old Brazilian has not lost in nine years. Nicolau is a former competitor on the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, and he defeated Manel Kape and Tim Elliott last year. He is now preparing to fight American Matt Schnell in Orlando. He will likely win a decision.

Getting paid in Bitcoin will help Nicolau to keep his hard-earned money from being devalued by inflation. This is particularly important in a country such as Brazil, where the cost of living has increased by ten percent over the past year.

The company behind the service, Bitwage, has already worked with many professional soccer players. It is also working with Luana Pinheiro, who is the first female UFC fighter. The two hope to use the Bitcoin to fund their upcoming fights.


Luana Pinheiro, the Brazilian professional mixed martial artist, recently announced that she will partner with Bitwage, a company that specializes in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The partnership will enable Pinheiro to become the first female athlete from the Latin American region to receive a paycheck in crypto.

Luana is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist who is ranked as one of the best strawweights in the world. She has an impressive 10-1-0 record, winning eight straight fights. She is currently ranked fifteenth in the UFC’s strawweight division. She is also a member of the BH Rhinos. In the past, she won back-to-back UFC bouts over Sam Hughes and Randa Markos. She was injured in April and is currently recuperating.

Aside from her partnership with Bitwage, Pinheiro is also a member of the BH-Rhinos, a mixed martial arts team. She is undergoing rehabilitation and is hoping to make a comeback. She also believes that the price of bitcoin will stabilize in the coming months.


There are several ways to use the virtual currency to your advantage. You can get paid in crypto with Bitwage or you can use it to save money. For example, if you want to buy a new car, you can pay for it with Bitwage. They can even provide you with a bank account in the UK or EU. They offer an invoicing service as well.

You may not have heard of Luana Pinheiro, but you have probably seen her in the UFC. She is a professional mixed martial artist and has an impressive 10-1-0 record. She is currently ranked 15th in the strawweight division. She is also the first female Latin American to win eight consecutive fights. And, she is about to become the first female athlete to be paid in Bitcoin.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Bitwage is a payroll service provider that specializes in paying people in the digital currency. The company’s website boasts that it has processed over $150 million in transactions. This includes $4 million in funding from Plug and Play and Draper Associates. In addition, the company has partnered with 2,000 corporations worldwide.

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Getting paid in bitcoin

If you are a UFC fighter, you might be interested in getting paid in bitcoin. Not only is it secure, but it also allows you to avoid the overhead fees associated with getting your paycheck through a third party.

The first athlete to take part in a pay-in-Bitcoin contract is Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Luana Pinheiro. After her boyfriend Matheus Nicolau encouraged her to make the switch, she went through with it. She is ranked #15 in the world in the Best Female Strawweight category and currently on an eight-match winning streak.

Getting paid in crypto is not new for other athletes like Andre Igudala, Russell Okung and Alex Barrett. However, the UFC’s recent decision to boost the amount of money it gives to its NFT (non-fighting talent) was one of the catalysts that brought about this movement.

While UFC athletes get half of the UFC’s cut on branded merchandise, they typically receive another 30% on NFTs. These payments are usually paid out through the UFC’s merchandise partner Venum. Since the UFC switched from Reebok to Venum two years ago, its share of money has increased dramatically.