Must-Know Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers 2023

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Cyber security is the method of security to protect computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electronic systems and different data from unknown virus. It’s also known for the rapid technological development in the security of information technology. The term cyber security arise due to sever issues from different end of the world. Hackers are trying to get into different websites to get their data on the free basis and they want to use them for their purpose. Cyber-attack can be occur at any device from large computers to small mobile phone. There are some of the categories of the security like network security, application security, information security, operational security, disaster recovery and business continuity and End- user education. 

Categories of security

Network security

It is the practice of securing a computer network from intruders, whether they are targeted or not but it will help to reduce the chances to get any problem from any end. During the usage of internet the user will not get disrupted due to any issues. 

Application security

It keep focus on the software and the devices which is using different software to make their life easy. This will help to protect from different kind of threats. The successful of an application contains the best protection for their users. It will never put the user into any kind of trouble. 

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Information security

It protects all the private data and the storage of the user in the transfer of any files or in files in the device storage. 

Operational security

It includes the process and handling the protecting data assets of any users. The data is controlled as when and where the data is stored and where it should be placed. 

Disaster recovery and business continuity

It defines how any business handle the losses or the cyber-security failures in their organisation. Disaster recovery policy defines how to restore the lost data. 

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End-user Education

Any other person can make virus and try to put in to a new device to get the information without knowing to the original owner. The device owner should take care of the device while plugging any unknown pen drive or downloading from any files from the internet.

Cyber Security questions and answers

1) What are the fundamental elements of Cyber security?

Ans: The following are the main elements of cyber security:

Information security.

End-user education.

Operational security.

Application security.

Network security.

Business continuity planning.

2) What are the main advantages of cyber security?

Ans: It helps to protect the business against the unauthorised access including ransomware, Social engineering, malware and the other phising. 

It helps to protects the end-users and improve the business continuity management in which the management. 

Improves the stakeholder confidence to invest in the company. 

Provide adequate protection for the both files as well as the networks. 

Increase in the recovery time of any breach in the company. 

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3) What do you means by cryptography?

Ans: Cryptography is the most important technique which is used to protect then the confidential information from third party called adversaries. It allows both the sender and receiver to get the message to read the details. In the message got stock at any moment then it will be going to retry it once more to get the things done in the perfect manner.

4) What is the main difference between IDS and IPS?

Ans: The name indicates that IDS intrusion Detection System is one of the most important intrusion which simple allows the administrator to prevent the things in the careful manner. It is one of the best method to check how the working of the files are being done. The intrusion prevention system tries to get the system find the intrusion at the perfect manner and solve it at a normal moment.  

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5) What is Firewall and why is it used?

Ans: A firewall is a network security system which is set on the boundaries of the system which helps to monitors and control network traffic. Firewalls are mainly used in the organisation to protect the system from viruses, malware and the other harming things to the devices. 

6) What is the use of SSL?

Ans: SSL is defined as a secure sockets layer and the technology they are creating to encrypt the connection between the different web servers and web browsers for the users.

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