Which AWS Certification is the Right Fit for Your Career?

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If you landed on this page, then there’s a strong possibility that you are seeking to become Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified. And, it is indeed a great decision corresponding to the rising demand for cloud computing skills worldwide. 

According to most IT executives, finding a talented AWS cloud developer is immensely challenging these days. However, developing cloud skills and earning the correct Amazon Web Services certification might help you open the door to some life-changing professional opportunities, whether you want to advance your career or jump into a new industry.

Before discussing the various types of AWS certification courses relevant for the candidates, let’s first understand the basics of certifications such as AWS DevOps cloud certification and fetch a little deeper information about this career field. 

What is AWS Certifications Training, and Why is it Important?

In this regard, let’s break some myths regarding AWS training and certification. 

Certifications prove your knowledge. They do not prove experience. It opens doors to worldwide job opportunities but is not a master key to unlocking job opportunities. They are indeed valuable as they represent skills. 

It’s helpful to think of a certification as a stepping stone when planning your AWS career path. It can assist you in reaching the next level, but the decision to do so is ultimately yours.

It’s never been easier to become AWS certified, no matter which path you take. Amazon now offers all of its certification examinations online, allowing you to test with just a few days’ notice from the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you are — there is no need to travel to a testing facility.

Which is the Proper Certification for Your Career? 

There are mainly four types of AWS certification outlined below; you can choose any certification that suits your career requirements:


If you’re new to cloud computing, this certification is for you. To earn this certification, you must grasp cloud foundations, also known as cloud foundational principles, and how AWS services work. However, there won’t be any hands-on work at this level.


AWS Associate-level Certifications are best suited for people with practical expertise with AWS services. Any of these qualifications can serve as a stepping stone on your path to a cloud job. However, the associate-level tests are for people who have worked on the AWS platform before and have expertise in creating distributed applications and systems.


These certificates are for those who have a lot of expertise, completed or mastered the AWS Associate-level Certification and talents in a particular field and are looking to improve their careers by confirming their knowledge.


These certifications break down the AWS primary layers into four distinct paths: Big Data, Machine Learning, Security, and Networking.

Which AWS Certification Should You Choose?

So, how do you know which AWS certification is best for you? If you’re new to cloud computing, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is an excellent place to start. It’s possible to pass on the information and offer basic recommendations from there, but ultimately, deciding on the correct certification (or set of certificates) and AWS learning route comes down to your circumstances and career aspirations.

  • Always keep in mind that certifications are merely a stepping stone. They can assist you in reaching the next level, but the decision to do so is ultimately yours.
  • Are you just getting started or need to brush up on the fundamentals? Begin with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.
  • You can’t go wrong with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate if you want to dig even deeper into the cloud.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional is essentially the peak of AWS knowledge.
  • Security, data analytics, and advanced networking are just a few of the Specialty-level certifications available through AWS.

Every year, the number of new AWS capabilities and services grows. Certification holders must recertify every two years to demonstrate continuous skill and understanding of best practices for the most current AWS services. You can recertify by passing either the professional-level exam for the same certification or the recertification exam for your current one. Recertification exams cost 75 USD and last 80 minutes.

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