List of Top 10 Successful Horse Jockeys In India

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Indian horse racing has been prevalent since the times of kings and emperors. It was not just a mode of entertainment but also a status symbol. Aristocratic and eminent houses of the country participated in horse races. With time, luckily, this amazing sport has found its way to the common masses, and since then, all kinds of people have participated in the game and have enjoyed it immensely. 

Horse racing does not require you to know how to ride horses, but a decent knowledge of horse jockeys will do fine. One only wager bets on which horse will win the race, and once the results are declared, prizes are distributed. Thus it is a very simple game, but if you do not have a clear idea about horse jockeys, you can lose your money. After all, it is the jockey who trains and runs their horses. 

Therefore, if you are interested in winning some extra bucks via horse racing, it is mandatory for you to know about the best horse jockeys. It will give you a clear idea regarding which horse to bet on in the next game. Without further ado, let us jump straight to introducing you to the list of top 10 successful horse jockeys in India. 

Horse racing has been prevalent as one of the most aristocratic sports in India since ancient times.

Akhade Sandesh 

Akhade Sandesh is an eminent name in the horse racing world. He did not have a particular fairy tale start to his career. His first race in Ireland did not yield flying colours, but that could not dampen his spirits. Later in the US’ Good Racing Event, he secured the winning position. He went on to participate in different races and became one of the best Indian jockeys. His perseverance and hard work are revered throughout the country. He has a record of 151 wins in a single year, making him one of the best in the recent history of horse racing. 

Pradeep Singh Chauhan 

Pradesh Singh Chauhan’s profile is quite impressive and makes him appear in the top best horse jockeys in the country. He has been in the circuits for over 20 years and still enjoys popularity due to his expertise in the field. He has crossed the ‘1000 winners’ mark, making his profile even more exciting. The last 500 wins have been covered in a very short span of only three years. He not only comes to the list of top 10 successful horse jockeys in India, but his feats and achievements are also acknowledged internationally, and he is among the best in the world. 

Aniket Karande

The next on our list of top 10 successful horse jockeys in India is Aniket Karande. He is a relatively new jockey who started his career in 2018 only but, over a short period of time, managed to add baffling achievements to his profile. His winning spree began with Calico Jack in Ooty, and since then, there has been no looking back for him. He has set a winning record of 36% for himself. Karande still has more landmarks to conquer and continues to try his best. In a short time, he will hopefully become one of the most promising young horse jockeys. 

Akshay Kumar 

To be honest, horse jockey Akshay Kumar does not have ample experience or too many achievements to his name, but the only reason we put him on our list of top 10 successful horse jockeys in India is that he displays enormous potential and is sure to give some exceptional performances in the upcoming races. He derives his practice and knowledge from SSF Hassan in Hyderabad and has proved more than most of his age can.

Dashrath Singh 

Dashrath Singh has been a prodigious jockey. At a very young age, he managed to bag 7 wins in a single weekend. He offers tough competition to even the most seasoned players on the field and is sure to be a secure bet in most races. 

Suraj Narredu 

The list of top 10 successful horse jockeys in India is incomplete without the mention of Suraj Narredu. His lineage speaks amply about his calibre, and his performance on the field only testifies to it. He is the son of respected ex-jockey Satish Narredu and nephew of Malesh Narredu. He won McDowell’s Indian Derby in 2015, and it was followed by three more in the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. His fame is not restricted to India. He also practises internationally and has won international awards in Macau, Mauritius and Malaysia as well. 

TS Jodha 

TS Jodha entered the racing world with the Atomic Power in Delhi, and within 3 days, he had a trophy. He is not only worthy of mentioning in the list of top 10 successful horse jockeys in India but is also a deft trainer. 

Kirtish Bhagat 

Bhagat has displayed immense confidence and talent in the race course since his initial days. He is a great admirer of Richard Hughes and follows his style of crouching down and dallying. He has won several tournaments and has been applauded by the community frequently for his passion. 

Yash Narredu 

Yash Narredu is another skilled jockey at the RWITC. He is often appreciated as the best horse in the world. He is a young horse jockey, but his fierce achievements have raised him to a level of expertise. He had participated in 1500+ races before the age of 23 and won 190 of them. He stands as a symbol of passion, dedication and inspiration for all upcoming horse jockeys. 

S. Zervan 

Zervan is known for his skills and performs with top-trained horses. He is a young jockey, and yet he is among the most bet-upon jockeys in the country. He has a bright and long career ahead of him. 

Knowing the best horse jockeys will help you place your bets prudently.

Horse racing is a great game for anyone who enjoys an adrenaline rush and some adventure. Technology has enabled people to enjoy horse racing from the comfort of their homes. You need not travel all the way to the racecourse in order to bet on your favourite horse. You can simply do it with a click. Therefore, the next time you place your bet, look for the jockeys mentioned above. They will surely bring you wins.  Enjoy horse betting on Indiarace.

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