21 Interesting Facts About Maths

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Interesting facts about maths that make it more mesmerizing “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas,” said Albert Einstein. 

If you are a fan of mathematics, you will understand what he wants to say. It is true to an extent, take any math formula or equation; if you observe it, you will feel the rhythm; every line of the equation looks like verses of a poem. It posses that kind of affection; math is like a magical box. It hosts many intresting facts about maths, but not for everyone. 

What is Mathematics?

what is mathematics

For some people, math is boring and the most hated subject in their school life, though math is as pure as our existence. 

There is no escape from Mathematics, you can love math, or you can hate it, but you can’t ignore it. It is everywhere. It is omnipresent, and there are numbers, patterns, equations, and formulas in everything around us, in every atom in this universe and beyond it. That’s the fact about math.

  • Math is beautiful; you have to recognize its beauty like Plato said, ‘Beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes,’ same as in the case of math.
  • Math is fascinating, and it conveys information, amazing facts about maths, every number, and every sign is an ornament that makes an equation look beautiful. I love math, and I love to indulge in different mathematical problems, I do everything like brain scratching, nails biting, and tried every formula. When I solved the problem, that’s the moment I like to call “Mathorgasm”.
  • One more thing about math is it always tests you, challenges you, and empower you. Further, in this article, we will know amazing facts about maths.

Interesting facts about Maths 

facts about mathematics

As old as time, the great mathematics has many surprising facts, we encounter some of them in our daily lives, and some are just amazing. Below are some interesting facts about mathematics in daily life that will make you fall in love with Math again.

1. “0” in roman numbers

There is no representation of zero (0) in Roman numerals.

2. How old is math?

The earliest evidence of math was stretch as back as 3000 BC. Sumerians are the oldest known civilization in Mesopotamia who develops the complex system of metrology which makes it one of the most interesting facts about maths.

3. Much older than you think!

There is another evidence that humans using math were traced back to 30000 BC, there were markings on animal bones that led to this epiphany. It is one of the most amazing facts about maths.     

4. More about “0”

Zero first appeared in Mesopotamia around 3 B.C.; it is later used in India around the mid-fifth century. It is one of the most significant mathematical facts.

5. Spelling and numbers

There is no ‘A’ in the spelling of 0 to 999, the first time a came in the spelling of numbers is in ‘one thousand,’ isn’t it one of the most amazing facts about maths. 

6. More about spellings

There is an ‘E’ in the spelling of every odd number.

7. What’s your birth date?

If there are 23 people in a room, there are fifty percent chances that two people among them have the same birth date; this one one of the most interesting facts about maths. 

8. Jiffy

What did you call 1/100th of a second? A ‘jiffy,’ it’s an actual unit of time.

9. Shuffling of cards

Every time a deck of cards shuffles appropriately, the outcome may never have occurred in history ever, not everyone knows about this interesting fact of math.

10. Number of moves in chess?

More than 9 million moves in a chess game, and some speculation suggest that there are infinite moves in a chess game. Maybe there are countless mathematical facts other than these interesting facts about mathematics in daily life.

11. Pentagon

Pentagon (the military headquarter of USA), designed with five sides, depicted its meaning. An icosagon has 20 teams.

12. Dice and maths

If you are adding opposite sides of a dice, the result is always seven—one of the most interesting facts about mathematics in daily life.

13. Monkey maths

Monkeys show the ability to count objects.

14. Maths and light

A light-year is equal to the distance light travels in a year. It is one of the most interesting facts about maths. 

15. Infinite number of starts and galaxies?

The best part about the mathematical facts is that there are infinite stars, billions, or maybe more galaxies. However, the still recognizable and unrecognizable universe contains more percent of black voids, or ‘the great nothingness.’ 

16. How old is earth?

The universe is vast, humongous, indescribable. It consists of infinite objects and billions or more galaxies. There may be 200-400 billion stars, and our earth is approximately 4.543 billion years old. That’s one more interesting fact about math.

17. Greatest mathematician from India!

Srinivasa Ramanujan, the greatest mathematician from India, had almost no formal training in Mathematics.

18. Most hated subject

Though math is the most logical and systematic subject in the world, it also is the most hated subject among students. 

19. What comes after billion?

After millions and billion there is a quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion, and undecillion. 

20. Trigonometry

One of the most amazing facts maths is that trigonometry is the study of the relationship between angles of a triangle and it’s sides.

21. Pi or Pie?

One of the most interesting facts about maths is that if you write pi to two decimal places, it will spell out the pie.

These are some of the amazing facts about maths among the infinite mathematical facts. 

All in All

Mathematics is the answer to every unanswerable question, it is peculiar because it is robust and straightforward at the same time. For some, it is full of labyrinths, and for some, it is a way to ecstasy. 

  • Without mathematic, there are no certainties, only probabilities. 
  • Without mathematics, there is no existence but emptiness. 
  • One of the most interesting facts about mathematics in daily life is that many mathematicians have been born to date, and many formulas have been invented, but they are still the tip of an ice burg.

Mathematics is beautiful and you can make a career in maths as well; it is full of mathematical facts and certainties, which makes it so unique.

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