How to Start a Tattoo Business In 7 Easy Steps

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The history of tattoos dates back to our ancestors who used tattoos as a means to communicate and celebrate their victories. But for centuries tattoos were considered taboos and were looked down upon in the society.

With changing times our minds have opened up to the idea of inking our bodies and the upsurge in this trade is making tattoo artists go bonkers over the idea of how to start a tattoo business.

People are inserting pigment into the dermis of their skin with needles to depict what they love, believe and rejoice. 

Johnny Depp correctly sums the art of tattoos in his words- “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story”. 

However, the art of tattoo making is not simple. It is not a question of exhibiting one’s creativity and talent, there is a huge amount of effort that goes into answering the question how to start a tattoo shop. 

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Let us learn some of the important points that help us understand how to start a tattoo business.

 How to Start a Tattoo shop?

1. Plan How to Start a Tattoo Business at Home

How to start a tattoo business? 

It all starts with this simple question!

Develop a plan or a strategy that helps you categorize different steps into a sequence. Creating a blueprint plan will act as your guide when things go sour.

2. Learn the Art of Tattoo Making

Consider this, you have figured out a way that helps you with how to start a tattoo shop but you lack the skills to make tattoos? Of course, you can hire someone but is it going to work as well as when you were the main tattoo artist in your parlour?

Learn the art before you start!

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3. Research

Research the market and find out the ways others successfully learnt how to start a tattoo business at home. You don’t have to learn from your mistakes on the job when you can learn from other’s mistakes at home. This step will save you from making any kinds of blunders.

4. Find a Location for the Business

Location is the king! Take this step carefully with utmost seriousness as your location can determine your client base.

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5. Market Your Brand

By now you would have figured out how to start a tattoo business and you feel that you are ready to start your parlour?

Wait! Not yet!

Here is the trick that many successful entrepreneurs use:

Market your brand even before you set foot in the market!

Create your clientele before your product is launched and you are sure to attain success.

6. Furnish Your Shop

You know the basics and have learnt the art of tattoo making, now what?

You can start your business? Or do you want to understand how to start a tattoo shop so that you never have to look back?

Many tattoo makers start with the basics and gradually furnish their shop. This kills the vibe for the customers. Plan ahead and furnish your shop in such a way that even when you buy less the equipment appears to be more.

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7. Qualified Staff

You want to be the main star of your parlour and that is how it should be but you should underestimate the importance of hiring qualified staff who can help you in times of need.

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